Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Switch Download Card Offers a Look at Two New Characters

An eagle-eyed fan has discovered that the Legend of Zelda : Kingdom Tears download card offers another look at two new characters that were recently introduced. The two characters first appeared in the third trailer for Tears of the Kingdom, alongside other offspring of the champions, as well as other key characters from the story like Zelda and Ganondorf. However, these characters have been given another aspect in a different context through a set of Switch downloadable game cards that have been released in Japan.

Unlike the Switch download cards in the Americas and other regions, the game download cards of the Japanese eShop are more artistic. For example, the one for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate folds out to include the entire game’s release credits, as well as some brief in-game screenshots. The same goes for the Legend of Zelda : Tear of the Kingdom download card, which contains some screenshots of the game, albeit on the smaller side.

The card was first spotted by Twitter user Kirbtastic16, who found it on a shelf in Japan. From there, she snapped a photo of the inside of the card, which features various game images. This includes two new characters introduced in the third trailer, and fans have been speculating about their roles and where they will appear in the Kingdom Tears story. The man with animal-like ears and strange arms is speculated to be a member of the mysterious Zonai tribe. On the other hand, the Zelda-like gray hair has multiple theories, from her being the goddess Hylia, Zelda in disguise, or someone else entirely.

Additional screenshots in this download card provide some other interesting snippets of the story. Looking at the Tears of the Kingdom version of Ganondorf, it shows him as a shriveled corpse before his body fully heals and allows him to work his black magic. Zelda can also be seen from a slightly different angle in the trailer, climbing a mountain while carrying the Master Sword. Finally, the bottom half of this Switch download card has a set of wall sculptures depicting something mysterious.

With less than a month until the game hits store shelves, Nintendo has provided plenty of information to keep fans guessing. Based on the clues provided, one fan was even able to pinpoint Zelda’s location in the latest Tears of Kingdoms trailer. Needless to say, fans are very excited to see what these two new characters and Ganondorf have in store this time around.

The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom will be released on May 12, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

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