Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Creates Beyblade Match In-Game

A The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom player has them tearing apart as they use the provided tools to recreate their ideal Beyblade match within the game. The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom provides players with a wider tool set to do whatever they want in the vast world of Hyrule. With the help of this expanded set of tools, players have been able to create some extremely magical contraptions, players can create shape-shifting mechs in “Tears of Kingdoms”, and more. While some contraptions are useful for the game’s combat and exploration, others serve more interesting purposes, such as spinning tops.

Beyblades are a series of top toys used in battle on concave battlefields, where they spin and punch each other until one of them is defeated. The toy line has also spawned its own comic book and TV show series to accompany and market the products, and there’s a potential live-action top movie in the works by Jerry Bruckheimer. They even have their own line of video games, mostly made for handheld consoles.

One player decided to bring the Beyblade into their very own The Legend of Zelda : Kingdom Tears game. A Twitter user uploaded a video of a spinning top arena they made using in-game tools. The video starts with the player, where a top is made using metal plates, stabilizers, and some other small parts. They hooked it up to a larger contraption, and once activated, the two gyroscopic tops connected to it spun faster and faster until they were forced to disconnect from the rest, whirling and spinning in a way that devastated the Hyrule countryside. duel on the Great Crater.

However, the Beyblade Match didn’t go as planned, as the tops lost control and spun out of the crater, and one of the tops damaged the player himself. New contraptions in the game always come with bugs that need to be ironed out, like when Koroks fall off an outer-space platform for a Kingdom Tears player that takes them to heaven.

Trial and trial and error were part of the creative process for The Legend of Zelda : Kingdom Tears, just as some Kingdom Tears players figured out how to create music in the game. Through further testing, players are sure to create the perfect Beyblade match so they can keep them ripped for some time to come.

The Legend of Zelda : Tear of Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch.

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