Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Duplication Glitches Still Exist After Update

Legend of Zelda : Kingdom Tears players have discovered several new ways to clone items in the popular Switch game. Their findings emerged online shortly after Tears of Kingdoms 1.1.2 update patched a fan-favorite item duplication exploit.

As was the case with Breath of the Wild, it only took a few days for Kingdom Tears players to discover a way to get rich quick with the item cloning exploit. The original method is very simple, you only need to pin your hopes on the shield, open the inventory, and select up to five items for Link to hold. Pressing the B and Y buttons simultaneously to exit the menu will leave the player with a bunch of clones on the ground.

While Nintendo was quick to fix the bug, two new methods of duplicating items in Tears of Kingdoms have surfaced online in the past few days. Neither are as convenient as shield glitches, but both have proven to work reliably once players get the hang of them. The faster of the two methods was recently detailed by YouTuber Gaming Reinvented, who discovered that placing a piece of equipment on Link’s home monitor while being hit by a Shock Emitter duplicated the held item. The timing is a bit tricky, but if done right, Link will drop the item he’s holding while still having a copy of it on the monitor in front of him.

Nintendo Everything recently outlined a more complex alternative that also works with version 1.1.2 of The Legend of Zelda : Kingdom Tears. This method requires saving the game, fusing the item to be copied into the weapon, holding the R key to start the throwing animation, opening the map, and scrolling to the memory section of the adventure log. From there, players will want to replay any four memories, though the cutscene itself can be skipped. With this, the only thing left to do is press the plus button to bring up the pause screen, and then load the last save file.

Since Nintendo only took about a week to fix the game’s first popular item duplication glitch, it doesn’t look like the Japanese developer will take long to fix these newly discovered bugs, either. However, if Breath of the Wild is any indication, Nintendo could well see a losing battle here. Not only are there still effective ways to duplicate items from previous Zelda games, but new ones are being discovered on a regular basis. Back in early 2022, one player even discovered a way to replicate the Korok Seed in Breath of the Wild, completely simplifying the game’s biggest collectible hunt.

The Legend of Zelda : Kingdom Tears is now available on Switch.

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