Zelda: BotW – All Elixir Recipes

In Breath of the Wild, players can cook their own meals to restore health, gain buffs, or restore stamina. However, sometimes Link only needs a buff and not a heart. For those special cases, players should consider crafting elixirs. These will give Link the motivation he needs without wasting a meal.

In the process of playing “Breath of the Wild”, players will find various small animals and defeat countless monsters. They’ll want to get into the habit of farming anything they see. Monster parts and creatures aren’t just for upgrading armor; they’re a key ingredient to any Elixir.

Learn about elixirs

legend  of  zelda  spicy  elixir  recipe The method of alchemy is the same as cooking food. Put the required ingredients into any cooking pot with fire, but unlike food, elixirs require (at most) two ingredients :

Any monster or guardian parts. Elixir buffs for critters (ex: Restless Cricket, Indefatigable Frog, etc.) do not stack. This means that if Link wants to increase his attack power while also being heat resistant, he needs to choose between the two. Trying to use two different Elixirs at the same time will override the effect of the first Elixirs. Cooking two ingredients with Elixir effects will cancel each other out.

Each Elixir has a duration, which can be extended by adding more ingredients or using “stronger” monster parts. For example, making a Spicy Elixir with four Hot Dana instead of one Hot Dana will create a Spicy Potion with a duration of 11 minutes and 50 seconds. Using Dragon Parts will greatly extend the timer, but remember that Dragon Parts are not considered Monster Parts. Players still need a Monster Part and a Critter to craft an Elixir.

Every critter and monster part in BotW

loz  botw  elixir  cooking Most critters can be farmed by cutting the grass in Hyrule 09, but some species only live in specific habitats. For example, small animals that can increase cold resistance are often found in areas such as Erding. These are harder to find and it is recommended to use them to upgrade before crafting Elixirs.

Small animals



hot footed frog tireless frog


Tall-tailed Lizard Zealous Lizard Fire Lizard


Suffocating Butterfly Winterwing Butterfly Thunderwing Butterfly Summerwing Butterfly


Warm Dana Electric Dana Cold Dana

restless cricket

not applicable

sunset firefly

not applicable


Energetic Rhino Beetle Rugged Rhino Beetle

the monster

As for monsters, Link will defeat countless, but it is important to pick up any parts they may drop when defeated. Remember: Elixirs require at least one monster part.

Farmed from

Fangbo Kobrin

Every Bokoblin (including Stalkoblin)

Horn of Bokobrin

Every Bokoblin (including Stalkoblin)

Bokobrin offal

Blue, black or silver Bokobrin

lizard corner

Every Lizalfos (including Stalizalfos)

lizard claw

Every Lizalfos (including Stalizalfos)

lizard tail

Regular (green), blue, black or silver lizard phosphorus

icy lizard tail

Freezing Lizard

red lizard tail


yellow lizard tail

Electric Lizard Phosphorus


Every Moblin (including Moblin)

Moblin Horn

Every Moblin (including Moblin)

moblin offal

Blue, black or silver Moblin

keith eyeball

per keith

Keith Wing

Ordinary Keith

Fire Keith Wing

Fire Keith

Ice Keith Wing

ice goose

Electric Case Wing

electric keith

Chu Chu Jelly


Red Chu Chu Jelly

Huo Chuchu

Baichuchu Jelly

ice mound

Yellow Chuchu Jelly

electric car

Octopus Balloon

every octopus

octopus eyeball

every octopus

octopus tentacles

every octopus

Lynel hooves

Every Lynel

Lionel Horn

Every Lynel

lynell guts

Every Lynel

Hinox Toenails

Each Hinox (including Stalhinox)

Hinox teeth

Every Hinox

Hinox guts

Every Hinox

Molduga fin

every moldurga

Moldugan offal

every moldurga

ancient gear

Decayed Guardian Guardian Scout Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Turret Guardian Sentry Guardian

ancient screw

Decayed Guardian Guardian Scout Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Turret Guardian Sentry Guardian

ancient shaft

Decayed Guardian Guardian Scout Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Turret Guardian Sentry Guardian


Decayed Guardian Guardian Scout Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Turret Guardian Sentry Guardian

ancient core

Guardian Scout Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Turret Guardian Sentry Guardian Stalker

giant ancient core

Guardian Skywatcher Guardian Turret Guardian Stalker

How to make all Elixir in BotW

loz  botw  elixirs The critter and monster parts will determine the buff duration. Some critters can be used interchangeably, but depending on which part of the monster is used and how many critters are added, the duration can be increased. Breath of the Wild has a total of 11 kinds of elixir :

Elixir Type



in a hurry

Monster Parts (x1) Hotfoot Frog or Tall-tailed Lizard (x1-x4)

Increases Link’s movement speed. For a longer effect, add more than one Hot-Footed Frog/Hightail Lizard.


Monster Part (x1) Sunset Firefly (x1-x4)

Increases Link’s invisibility. For a longer effect, add more than one sunset firefly.


Monster Part (x1) Zealous Lizard (x1-x4)

Give the link a temporary heart (yellow). For more hearts, add more enthusiastic lizards.


Monster Part (x1) Blade Rhino Beetle (x1-x4)

Increase Link’s attack power. For longer lasting effects, add more than one Bladed Rhino Beetle.


Monster Part (x1) Energetic Rhino Beetle or Restless Cricket (x1-x4)

Restores Link’s Stamina Wheel. For even more stamina regeneration, add more than one restless cricket or energetic rhinoceros beetle.


Monster Parts (x1) Indefatigable Frog (x1-x4)

Grants Link a temporary stamina round. Link can stack up to two Endurance Wheels.


Monster Part (x1) Winterwing Butterfly or Cold Darner (x1-x4)

Grants link heat resistance. For a longer effect, add more than one winterwing butterfly or cold dana.


Monster Part (x1) Warm Darner or Summerwing Butterfly (x1-x4)

Grants Link resistance to cold. For a longer effect, add more than one Summerwing Butterfly or Warm Darner.


Monster Part (x1) Thunderwing Butterfly or Electric Darner (x1-x4)

Grants Link impact resistance. For a longer effect, add more than one Thunderwing Butterfly or Electric Darner.

fire protection

Monster Part (x1) Fire Lizard or Smothering Butterfly (x1-x4)

Make Link fireproof. For a longer-lasting effect, add more than one fire lizard or smothering butterfly.


Monster Part (x1) Sturdy Rhino Beetle (x1-x4)

Temporarily increases Link’s defense. For a longer effect, add more than one Rugged Rhino Beetle.

Fairy Tonic


Fully restore Link’s health.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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