Xbox Games Showcase for June 2023 Confirms Start Time and More Details

Xbox has revealed exactly when gamers will be able to watch the Xbox Games Showcase : on June 11 at 10AM PT. The main Xbox event will be followed by a Starfield Direct, which will provide more information on Bethesda’s newest IP, Starfield.

Gamers have been excited about the 2023 edition of the Xbox Games Showcase since the initial announcement a few months ago. Expect the event to be full of content teasing the new release. A previous leak about the Xbox Games Showcase claimed a total of about two hours, with 90 minutes devoted to general gameplay and a full 30 minutes to Starfield, arguably one of the most anticipated titles of the year and Microsoft’s main gaming bet. Get more Game Pass subscribers in 2023.

The Xbox Games Showcase will take place on June 11 at 10AM PT or 1PM ET. The event will let players learn about their studio’s current Xbox projects, and they’ll be able to find out what’s coming to console, PC, or Game Pass soon. Additionally, the traditional follow-up to the event, the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, was announced on June 13 at 10AM PT. This side event focused on interviews with the developers, who shared more information about the previously shown games. Both shows will be streamed live on multiple channels, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, and will be available in 30 different languages to accommodate gamers from around the world.

Xbox-Starfield-Direct Xbox Game Showcase Start Times

June 11 10AM PT June 11 1PM EST June 11 6PM BST June 11 7PM CET June 12 4AM JST June 12 5AM AEST Xbox Game Showcase Extended Start Time

June 13 10AM PT June 13 1PM ET June 13 6PM BST June 13 7PM CET June 14AM 4am JST 5am AEST June 14 Arguably one of the biggest highlights of the event will be the Starfield Direct showcase, which will take place shortly after the main event. It’ll feature brand new gameplay, interviews with developers (Todd Howard will definitely be there), and some exclusive behind-the-scenes info. However, it’s unclear how many minutes of new gameplay were actually shown ahead of the September 6 launch.

Xbox gamers don’t need to wait until June to learn about new features for the platform, though. Game Pass has revealed its games for May. Of the five games announced, Arkane Studio’s Redfall is already out, Ravenlok is out May 4, Weird West Definitive Edition is May 8, Shadowrun Trilogy is May 9, and Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 will be released on May 11. Of those games, however, Shadowrun Trilogy will only be available on PC.

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