Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk Will Soon Be Useless

Right now, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers subscribers the MultiVersus MVP Pack – Drop 3 perk, but it will expire completely soon. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the top tier of Microsoft’s subscription service, but it basically pays for those who take full advantage of what it has to offer.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles all games from original Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and adds EA Play to it. Best of all, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives subscribers all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, meaning they can play online multiplayer games and claim free Games with Gold each month. And if that wasn’t enough, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also offers subscribers regularly updated perks, though the MultiVersus MVP Pack – Drop 3 perk will expire soon.

The MultiVersus MVP Pack – Drop 3 is available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers until April 11, offering subscribers a new skin for the original character Reindog, as well as new bell effects and banners. This is all well and good, except for the fact that MultiVersus will shut down on June 25, 2023. There are plans for MultiVersus to have a “general release” in early 2024, but a specific return date is not yet at the time of writing.

While Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can technically still use items from the MVP Pack in MultiVersus’ offline mode, once the shutdown happens, the game is primarily designed for online play. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers may still have access to MVP Pack items when MultiVersus returns in 2024, but in the period between the July 25th closing date and the game’s “full release” return, the MVP Pack will actually be Useless.

On the plus side, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now have a host of other perks they can claim they’ll be able to enjoy for longer. For example, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have until April 5 to pick up Evil Dead 2 for free, and new Peacock customers can also get two months of free Peacock Premium with Game Pass Ultimate. This basically gives Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers free access to this weekend’s WrestleMania 39 event, so it’s definitely a nice bonus for WWE fans who signed up for Microsoft’s subscription service.

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