Xbox Game Pass Confirms New Game Six Months in Advance

Xbox Game Pass will add PlateUp to its lineup of games in October 2023, but no specific date has been announced at the time of writing. Release date announcements usually give Xbox Game Pass subscribers an idea of what games they can expect each month, but subscribers rarely get to know about new games six months in advance. What’s even stranger is that this message came from a Nintendo event.

The recent Indie World showcase hosted by Nintendo focused on upcoming indie games being developed for the Nintendo Switch. However, not all of the games shown at Indie World are Switch exclusives, and in fact, many of them are also in development for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. PlateUp is one such game coming to Xbox, not only that, but it also made its Xbox debut in October through the Game Pass subscription service.

PlateUp’s October release window was confirmed during the Nintendo Indie World event, but a later trailer confirmed that the game will be an Xbox Game Pass title. Since PlateUp will make its Xbox debut as a Game Pass title, it’s fair to say this is the first day of the Xbox Game Pass launch. However, it’s worth pointing out that PlateUp has been available on PC since last year, so this muddies the waters a bit.

The PC version of PlateUp has proven quite popular, although it doesn’t have many professional reviews. While professional reviews are hard to come by, those who have reviewed the game have raved about it, so it seems like it should be a solid addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup, especially for those who are looking for new co-op games to play.

PlateUp has been compared to the Overcooked series because it’s a chaotic cooking game that players play cooperatively, but it has one key difference. PlateUp is actually a roguelite game, and it’s proving to be an interesting twist on the formula.

October is a long time to wait for new Xbox Game Pass titles, but the good news is there shouldn’t be a shortage of titles in the near future. New titles are added regularly to Xbox Game Pass, with April 2023 having a sizable share of high-quality titles launching. There are already some Xbox Game Pass titles to look forward to in May 2023, so there should be plenty to keep them busy while waiting for PlateUp to launch in October.

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