Xbox Game Pass Already Has 5 Games Confirmed for July 2023

Microsoft has confirmed five games will be joining its Xbox Game Pass subscription service in July 2023, with more titles likely to be announced at a later date. Based on the pattern Microsoft has established with its Xbox Game Pass announcements, subscribers can expect to learn about new Xbox Game Pass titles around the first half of July 2023, with another update detailing games from the last two weeks around the middle of the month.

While 2023 isn’t as steady as 2022, Xbox Game Pass is generally sticking to its established pattern of announcements and releases. That means Xbox Game Pass titles are announced at a few different points, then added throughout the month, with a batch of games removed from the service on the 15th of each month and the last day of each month.

Xbox Game Pass recently lost six games, but at least five more games will be added to the lineup in July, most of which were released on day one. The new Xbox Game Pass games announced so far for July 2023 are Sword and Fairy: Together Forever on July 6th, Exoprimal on July 14th, Techtonica on July 18th, The Wandering Village on July 20th and Venba on July 31st.

New Xbox Game Pass titles for July 2023

exoprimal  key  art Sword and Fairy: Together Forever – 6th July Exoprimal – 14th July Techtonica – 18th July The Wandering Village – 20th July Venba – 31st July In 2023 confirmed so far Of all the new Xbox Game Pass titles for July, Exoprimal stands out the most. Exoprimal is a new co-op shooter from Capcom where players work together to defeat waves of dinosaurs. Exoprimal has a unique PvEvP setup and online focus that should make it a good fit for services like Xbox Game Pass.

Capcom has been absolutely on top lately, but the company has historically struggled with games centered around online multiplayer. Resident Evil multiplayer games other than Outbreak, for example, have often been criticized, so some have suggested that Exoprimal might be a stumbling block in Capcom’s incredible series of releases. Luckily, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Exoprimal in its entirety without actually buying it, so they can form their opinion about the game when it joins the service’s first day on July 14.

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