Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Gets New Design Options in Design Lab

For those in the market for an Xbox Series X controller, Xbox Design Labs now has some new options to help their imaginations run wild. Microsoft has announced that its beloved Create Your Own Controller Hub has some brand new color schemes to help bring the craziest controller design ideas to life.

Initially limited to the standard Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers, Xbox Design Labs rolled out the ability to customize the Xbox Series X Elite Series 2 controller in October. Gamers can head to the Design Lab to create various combinations of color schemes, grips, triggers, D-pads, face buttons, engraved text, and more for their Elite Series 2 gamepads. As of today, these options have been further expanded.

The newly updated Xbox Design Lab now features an impressive 16 base colors to choose from for the Elite Series 2 controller. Best of all, there are now 25 different accent colors to help make those peripherals pop. ABXY buttons now have a dozen of their own design options (including a new blackout style). And there are 17 accent colors that can be applied to the D-pad and paddles for a more personalized look.

New  Elite  Series  2 Xbox  Design  Lab  Color  Options Now unique to the Elite Series 2 is the ability to customize the color of the controller thumbstick ring for added style. Designers can even choose to incorporate metal directional pads and/or triggers to give the gamepad a more professional look. Though some gamers decided to design their new customer Xbox controllers with their living space in mind so as not to disturb their significant other.

The sheer number of custom controller options can be overwhelming, so Microsoft has provided plenty of starting points on its Design Labs page to help the process along. The Design Lab even has a ton of controllers inspired by popular titles like Overwatch 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Vampire Survivor, Sea of Thieves, and more to choose from as a starting point , and continue building. There are also tons of great custom Xbox controller ideas online to help spark some creativity.

Microsoft boasted that there are “literally billions of possibilities” to make the controller unique to their designers. Those taking advantage of the new style of Xbox Series X controller option should know that delivery can take around three to four weeks. Once an order is placed, the design process begins, so it is not possible to cancel an order. Since these are original designs, they are also non-returnable.

The Xbox Series X Elite Series 2 controller starts at $149.99 at Xbox Design Labs.

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