WWE Wrestler Asks for WWE 2K23 Change

WWE Superstar Dominik Dijak recently proposed changing his character in WWE 2K23: so that he would ditch his old character T-Bar and use his current alias Dijak in the game. Wrestlers change their brands all the time, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes, so this change might bring WWE 2K23 up to date with the current wrestling scene.

WWE 2K23 is a huge hit among wrestling fans. Not only did the game get pretty good reviews, but WWE 2K23 features over 200 Superstars, more than half of whom were available from the start. This gives players a large number of stars to choose from. However, some of them are currently missing the title, and one wrestler doesn’t seem too happy about it.

WWE star Dijak recently suggested that WWE 2K23 should change his character’s name and appearance from T-Bar to Dijak. In a social media post, Dijak said he was “grateful to the developers for their hard work and effort,” but that he really wanted to see the change, since it’s been a while since he gave up his T-Bar role. While Dijak started his career in 2013 under his current alias, he changed it to T-Bar in 2020 when he joined the Retribution stable. The team eventually disbanded and he changed the brand to Dijak in November 2022, months before WWE 2K23 was released. However, the game failed to acknowledge the change in time for release, and wrestlers weren’t happy about it.

It’s not uncommon for WWE 2K23 to add new characters. As a result, some WWE 2K23 fans started discussing whether or not such a change could actually be believed to be happening. For example, YouBeliefs316 confirmed that the developers changed Shinsuke Nakamura to King Nakamura at some point, which would set a precedent for a character change. However, Acidhologramme reminds them that these two are separate characters, not updates. So, the question remains open.

WWE 2K23 continues to receive updates as fans debate new characters. The new 1.10 update brings a fan-favorite feature, the presence of the Weary Terminator. This allows some wrestlers to crash after using a finishing move in case they get too tired, a very welcome feature that was present in previous games in the series, but not in WWE 2K23 at launch.

WWE 2K23 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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