WWE 2K23: How To Change A Wrestler's Personality & Crowd Reactions

For as long as wrestling and WWE fans can remember, there have been heels (bad guys) and faces (good guys). Heels are usually the kind of wrestlers who break the rules and insult fans and hometowns. Face will tease the crowd, overcome adversity and beat heels. Thankfully, WWE 2K23 does an excellent job of replicating fans and how they react to wrestlers in the ring.

While the lines between antiheroes like Stone Cold Steve Austin have blurred in recent years, the fundamentals of wrestling and storytelling are the same. WWE 2K23 allows fans to recreate these scenes in-game. Wrestlers can change allegiances in the game’s universe mode. Of course, some wrestlers get mixed reactions from the audience, as John Cena did in his prime, especially with such a diverse age distribution of fans. This can also be recreated in WWE 2K23’s universe mode and regular matches.

Changing Wrestler’s Crowd Reaction in WWE 2K23

WWE  2K23 - Changing  Andre's  crowd  reactions In WWE Universe mode, crowd reactions to wrestlers will depend on their movements in the ring. If they feud and act like villains in the competition, it will change how the crowd reacts to them. To change WWE Superstar’s reactions in WWE 2K23 use the following steps :

Press R1/RB to highlight the Options tab. Select Roster. Now select Edit Superstar. Select the desired WWE wrestler. Scroll down to the Crowd Reaction option. Players can choose whether to boo or cheer wrestlers when they enter the ring. The next option is Crowd Balance. Crowd balancing is one of the more realistic responses of a wrestler like John Cena. He will be booed and cheered by the fans just as much.Changing the wrestler’s personality traits

WWE  2K23 - Personality  sliders Once players are done tinkering with crowd reactions, they can also change personality traits in the Edit Superstar menu :

Ego or Pride : This affects how WWE Superstars behave in the ring. A pompous wrestler doesn’t have to be a villain. Hulk Hogan leans more towards the ego because he caters to the crowd. Proud wrestlers will fight back with fire and dare to fight back with weapons. Disrespect or Respect : Disrespectful wrestlers break the rules and laugh at their opponents. Respectable wrestlers play by the rules. Desperate or Persistent : A desperate wrestler will appear cowardly and will use any means necessary to regain the upper hand. A persistent wrestler overcomes adversity and comes back. Treacherous or Loyal: This determines a wrestler’s loyalty to his stablemate or tag team partner. Cowardly or Bold: Cowardly determines whether a wrestler will seek an easy win, such as a countdown, or intentionally get disqualified and grab the belt, etc. Decide boldly whether a wrestler will fight the odds, be it outnumbered or against a higher rated WWE Superstar. Aggressive or Disciplined : This determines how ruthless, vicious or patient the wrestler’s behavior is in and out of the ring. Here’s everything players need to know about how wrestlers perform in the ring and across Universe Mode in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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