WoW Dragonflight: Herbalism Specialization Guide

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight offers several new uses for players’ crafting and/or collecting professions, which are typical of new expansions. Herbalism, for example, now works with various elemental herbs that exhibit various unusual behaviors when harvested, and can be overloaded with the new Herbalism skill to provide various additional effects and utilities.

World of Warcraft : Dragonflight’s herbalism skills provide players with three different feats : “Harvest”, “Botany” and “Master Elements”. This guide will break down the benefits of these specializations, explain how they work, and how to use them to your advantage.


wow  df  sl  wonderwing  kul  tiras  zandalar The Bountiful Harvests perk gives players additional skills when picking herbs, while also allowing them to refine 5 herbs into the next higher quality single herb. Specifically, each point of Harvest specialization grants +1 skill when gathering herbs.

Players can also acquire Horticulture, Arboriculture, Fungiculture, and Floriculture from this tree, which provide additional skills when picking the herbs Hochenblume, Writhebark, Bubble Poppy, and Saxifrage respectively. These skills also improve the player’s perception, dexterity and skill when picking the corresponding herbs.

Investing in Bountiful Harvests can help increase the quality and quantity of resources harvested, while also improving your chances of getting a side hustle. These include extra resources collected along with the herb itself, such as seeds.


herbalism  farming  wow  dragonflight Botany Each point in this specialization provides a subtlety bonus, increasing the yield of all base herbs collected on Dragon Isle. Fully maximizing Botany allows players to gather herbs while riding on Dragon Isle, providing huge utility and greatly speeding up the process of gathering herbs.

Botany also offers the subspecialties Cultivation and Conversance. +1 Perception per point of Cultivation when Gathering Herbs. Perception improves the chance of getting by-products such as Seeds and Essence of Awakening when gathering herbs. (Rousing Essences can only be obtained from elemental versions of a given herb.) Also, Conversance gains +1 Dexterity per point while gathering herbs. This allows players to gather herbs more quickly, reducing the time it takes to interact with each herb node when collecting a large amount of resources at once.

Taking all of these skills together, Botany is easily the strongest spec for gathering basic herbs in terms of sheer gathering speed and quality.

master the elements

world-of-warcraft-dragonflight-ohnaran-plains-mountain Elemental Mastery Grants the player +1 skill per point of Mastery when collecting elemental-laden herbs. Additionally, players can now reduce the 12-hour cooldown on the Overload Elemental Herbs ability by simply picking herbs. It also allows players to extract more invigorating elements from herbs.

Players can also further specialize in any of the Frigid, Decayed, Titan Touched, or Windswept elemental herb types. This increases the player’s dexterity, skill, and perception when harvesting elemental herbs of that type, and reduces any negative effects from harvesting.

World of Warcraft : Dragonflight is available for PC.

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