World of Warcraft's Next Update May Arrive Sooner Than You Think

Recent datamining suggests that the next update for World of Warcraft may be just around the corner. The leaked image references some of what Blizzard has planned for World of Warcraft’s upcoming patch, including new specializations, scenario-based events, and massive dungeons.

Released in 2004, World of Warcraft is one of the most famous MMORPGs of all time. While the game isn’t as popular now as it was at its peak, it still has a respectable 1,197,461 active players as of May 2023. Blizzard launched the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft in November 2022, introducing new locations, a new story, and a higher level cap, as well as a new playable race of the Dracthyr. The latter are semi-unique in World of Warcraft, as they are the only race available to Horde and Alliance players besides Pandaren. They also have access to exclusive Evoker courses.

Data miners at the Wowhead website have spotted a splash page for World of Warcraft’s upcoming 10.1.5 patch. Images on the page include Augmentation, Time Rifts, and The Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon. All of this will be familiar to World of Warcraft fans if they’ve been following the development of the update. However, the presence of a splash screen suggests that new content may arrive sooner.

World  of  Patch  10.1.5 splash  screen Blizzard announced that 10.1.5 will be released in the summer, but the exact release date has not yet been confirmed. Unfortunately, Data Mining’s splash screen doesn’t include any indication of when the next update for World of Warcraft will launch. The leaked image also doesn’t have any text that would be revealed in the game. It does, however, have three images reflecting the new Enhancement perk, Time Rift event, and Time Confluence, which is the entrance to the Infinite Dawn mega-dungeon.

Augment is the third evoker specialization in World of Warcraft, turning the class into a hybrid that focuses on buffing and supporting allies while still dealing damage. This makes Augment a good compromise between Evoker’s Destruction and Protection specs, which focus on damage and healing respectively.

At the same time, Infinite Dawn is the latest large-scale dungeon in the game, and players can once again challenge the Infinite Dragon Army. The Confluence of Time is located in Thaldraszus on the Dragon Isles, where the Bronze Dragonflight observes the Time Passage and guards the entrance to the Infinite Dawn. The new update also introduces eight new time rifts that players must close.

Many World of Warcraft fans already know that this new Dragonflight content is coming. However, the data mining splash screen may indicate that a new update is imminent. Still, it’s likely only Blizzard will know when World of Warcraft’s highly anticipated 10.1.5 patch will be released.

World of Warcraft is available on PC.

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