World of Warcraft Shows Off Patch 10.1 Fyrakk Assaults World Event

World of Warcraft recently shared an official preview of the Fyrakk raid world event in patch 10.1, “Cinders of Neltharion.” This new World of Warcraft outdoor event will add new challenges to the game that will make Cataclysm nostalgic for players nostalgic.

Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion, is coming to World of Warcraft on May 2. This major content update adds the new Zaralek Cavern area, including an expanded story campaign, tons of new quests, cosmetics, and enjoyable content. Players can also take on Aberus, the Shadow Forge, the secret facility Neltharion once used to conduct twisted experiments, and the second raid of the dragonflight.

One of the new features in Embers of Neltharion is the Fyrakk raid. The official World of Warcraft Twitter account shared a short video showing some of the action from the New World event. The primal avatar, Fyrakk, appears in various locations across the Dragon Isles, blotting out the skies with volcanic ash and draconic minions. Familiar faces like Baine Bloodhoof stand alongside players as Fyrakk spews fiery death upon them. A new overworld event is coming to WoW on May 9th alongside the Aberrus Raid.

The post also talks about some of the rewards players can earn during the Fyrakk raid. Players can get high-quality new gear and armor skins themed around the World of Warcraft Black Dragonflight. This new gear looks great and has competitive stats to help clear difficult content. Additionally, players can earn the Still Standing in the Fire achievement by dying to Fyrakk’s onslaught – a callback to Stand in the Fire achievement players dying to Deathwing’s Searing Breath in Cataclysm.

Many players are excited about the Ferak raid in Ashes of Neltharion. The Primal Storm – a world event added to Dragonflight – is a fun and easy-to-complete event reminiscent of the ever-popular Legion raid on the Broken Isles. The Fyrakk raid appears to be a continuation of the popular pattern led by Dragonflight’s most provocative Primal Incarnate.

Fyrakk and his siblings have amassed quite a following since their introduction in Dragonflight. The latest artwork for a new World of Warcraft villain has players losing their minds about how cool their designs and personalities are. Fyrakk, Iridikron, and Vyranoth haven’t quite disappeared yet, so players can probably expect to see more of them in Dragonflight’s future – and possibly even more world events.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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