World of Warcraft Reveals June Trading Post Rewards

With June fast approaching, Blizzard revealed how much World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players will earn this month on the Trading Post. Since the introduction of patch 10.0.5, Outposts have offered players a way to earn cosmetic rewards by trying out different aspects of World of Warcraft that the game has to offer.

However, one of Trading Post’s promises has yet to be fulfilled. At the time of writing, none of the rewards that appeared in previous months have reappeared. The June rewards program seems to continue this trend, which means World of Warcraft players have little time to claim or freeze any of the May trading post rewards before the new cycle begins. Still, June’s Traveler’s Log quests and Trader’s Tender rewards appear to be giving casual players an easier time compared to May.

World of Warcraft players who obtained 1,000 traveler log points in June, the main trading station reward is quark, and they can get a purple parrot mount. However, for players with a bunch of merchant bids, the most expensive item in this month’s rewards list is the Cindermane Charger, which is available for 900 merchant bids. This is followed by another mount, the Royal Swarm, which can be purchased for 800 from a merchant’s wagon. This means that three mounts can be obtained through trading posts in June. However, getting all of them means players will need to save some Trader’s Tenders beforehand, or freeze one to carry over in the future. While the move likely won’t draw criticism from the World of Warcraft trading post, only time will tell how players resolve this conundrum.

However, World of Warcraft players will have plenty of options to earn more Merchant Bids throughout the month through the Traveler’s Journal. As before, active World of Warcraft subscribers receive 500 merchant bids for free at the beginning of the month. While the Diablo 4 Greedbringer crossover event is still active, players can earn 250 Traveler’s Journal Points for defeating pillage goblins. The campaign ends in two weeks on June 15th.

Other tasks on the list include participating in the Fyrakk Raid, completing the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking dungeon, and participating in the Midsummer Fire Festival holiday in the second half of the month. Additionally, fans of the Dragoon feature can earn 100 points by participating in solo races. All in all, World of Warcraft players will have plenty of ways to fill up their traveler’s journal this June.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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