World of Warcraft Reveals April Trading Post Rewards

World of Warcraft players will soon have a new batch of outpost items to browse and purchase. While April isn’t here yet, Blizzard took the wraps off that World of Warcraft players can start spending their trader bid rewards this weekend, and revealed which quests will reward trader bids.

The trading post launched shortly after World of Warcraft patch 10.0.5 got off to a rocky start and had to be temporarily shut down. However, Trading Post was back in business for the remainder of February after Blizzard took time to fix some major issues. In March, Blizzard eliminated the trading post rewards that World of Warcraft players could buy using trader bids. However, a new month brings new rewards. Players who want to buy or freeze items from the March catalog don’t have much time to do so before the rewards change. However, Blizzard says some rewards may return in the coming months.

Starting tomorrow, April 1st, World of Warcraft players who complete the monthly Outpost track will receive the Blade of Elune as an additional reward. It’s a pair of one-handed swords that fit and share the night elf nature theme. Furthermore, these blades are named after their chief deity, Elune. Classes such as thieves and hunters can use one-handed swords. Speaking of Hunters, they’re getting another shootable bonus this month. Some recently data-mined Quiver and Ammo Pouch cosmetics can also be purchased for 500 Trader’s Tenders. However, the most expensive item this month is the Magenta Cloud Serpent mount, a new color variant of the Cloud Serpent from Mists of Pandaria, which costs 900 Merchant Ships.

world-of-warcraft-dragonflight-blades-of-elune Other rewards this month include the Egbob pet, a new cloak and gloves, and various off-hand charms such as flashlights and lesson books to use them. Players can complete a number of tasks to earn Trader’s Tenders around the Noblegarden event, which runs from April 10th to April 17th. The Easter-inspired event will have World of Warcraft players hunt and collect eggs and other items in towns and cities. Strangely, the ongoing Turbulent Timeways event was left out of this month’s task list.

In addition to the new Trading Post rewards, World of Warcraft players who also subscribe to Amazon Prime can link their Twitch and accounts to get the Big Battle Bear mount. Between the Trading Post and the upcoming 10.1 patch, it’s going to be a busy and fun time for World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is out now on PC.

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