World of Warcraft Quiz Show Got Its Own Question Wrong

World of Warcraft’s new quiz show got its own questions wrong in a recent episode. The bug left World of Warcraft fans and lore experts scratching their faces in embarrassment — especially considering the wrong answer hadn’t been fixed yet.

Stump Sean is World of Warcraft’s new quiz show that started in early April. The quiz show pits three World of Warcraft fans against each other, after which the winner will have the chance to challenge Head Historian and Legends Senior Manager Sean Copeland in a World of Warcraft quiz.

However, in Stump Sean’s third episode, World of Warcraft got its lore wrong. The question in episode 4:23 is what demigod Grommash Hellscream was killed in Kalimdor during Warcraft III. Stumpshawn gave Malorne, Ysera, Zaetar, and Ursol as answers to his questions. None of these are correct; the correct answer is Cenarius. As he realizes the mistake, the camera cuts briefly to Copeland, whose face is priceless.

According to his wife, April Copeland, Sean pointed out the error to the game show’s writers, who claimed they would fix it in post-production. However, she claims that World of Warcraft accidentally and repeatedly posted the wrong version of the video, which was privatized for a short period of time in an attempt to fix it. As of press time, the version of Stump Sean Episode 3 on the World of Warcraft YouTube account still contains the incorrectly answered question, though it claims plans to fix it soon.

World of Warcraft fans couldn’t believe Stump Sean made such an embarrassing mistake. Grom consuming the corrupted demonic blood and killing Cenarius is an extremely important arc in Warcraft 3, so players are baffled as to how such a simple problem could be messed up. To add to the confusion, none of the three contestants caught the mistake, and even got it wrong once before choosing Malorne. Malorne is the closest to being correct as Cenarius’ father, but considering he died before his roles in Cataclysm and Legion, it’s still impossible to be him.

The first three episodes of Stump Sean are now available, with new episodes airing every Thursday. It’s unclear how long World of Warcraft plans to run the game show for, but it will at least give players something to do before Ember of Neltharion’s release on May 2. Hopefully World of Warcraft can right the mistakes of the last episode and prevent similar mistakes in the future.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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