World of Warcraft Previews Patch 10.1 and the Zaralek Cavern Zone

World of Warcraft has just released an official preview of Patch 10.1, Ember of Neltharion. As Dragonflight’s first major content patch, this World of Warcraft patch promises to dig deeper into dragon lore than ever before.

Patch 10.1 is a content-heavy patch coming to World of Warcraft very soon. This major update will be released to Dragonflight in two batches on May 2nd and another on May 9th.

The May 2 update introduced a large amount of Neltharion Embers to the Dragonflight. Players will be able to explore the new Zaralek Cavern area, engage in new world events, and experience an all-new campaign for the Dragonflight story. Cross-faction guilds were added to the game, and a new system for leveling up items will come through the new Niffen Renown faction in World of Warcraft. The popular Dragonriding system has also been expanded with more glyphs and abilities, as well as a new base mount, the Winding Slitherdrake.

On May 9th, World of Warcraft opened the gates of Aberrus, the Shadow Forge, of the Dragonflight’s second raid. Players will explore the depths of Neltharion’s ancient research facility, battling Djaradin warlords and twisted experiments to collect brand new class sets. Mythic+ Season 2 kicks off with new rewards and dungeon challenges. On the ground, Fyrakk will take to the skies in a new world event in which players will fight off the insane primal avatars for special rewards, decorations, and more.

Beyond that, World of Warcraft players can look forward to new customization options, quality of life improvements, and balance updates. Most classes can expect some fine-tuning, but others, like Shadow Priests, are being reworked. World of Warcraft has even added new side story quests, including one that hints at an unexpected character return from the Legion and another exploring the blue dragonflight.

As Patch 10.1 approaches, World of Warcraft players are already anticipating what’s to come. Rumors abounded about the direction of World of Warcraft 10.2 and beyond, with players wondering who Dragonflight’s final boss might be. Speculation aside, World of Warcraft’s aggressive release schedule means players won’t have to wait long to find out. 10.1 is the third of six planned patches for 2023, the last of which will be 10.2 this winter. Players can expect to see more clues about where the Dragonflight story is headed in Embers of Neltharion and subsequent updates.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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