World of Warcraft Player's Attempt to Catch Diablo 4 Event Treasure Goblin Goes Horribly Wrong

A particularly unlucky World of Warcraft player attempted to capture a treasure goblin in unexpected ways during the Diablo 4 Greedbringer event. World of Warcraft event monsters may have been vanquished, but they had the last laugh in this hilarious video.

World of Warcraft is currently running Greedy Emissary, the first half of its two-part Diablo 4 crossover event. Players can hunt down and defeat Treasure Goblins in all corners of Azeroth every half hour until the end of June 14 for a chance at some unique Diablo 4-themed items.

Recently, a player ended their Treasure Goblin encounter in the most unexpected fashion. Redditor and World of Warcraft fan MemeStarKeem shared a video of their latest hunt. Treasure Goblins spawn in Orgrimer’s Western Earth Temple – a hub containing multiple portals to different Cataclysm regions. After the treasure goblin is defeated, MemeStarKeem tries to loot it. However, when they tried to click on the goblin’s corpse, they clicked on one of the portals by mistake and were sent on a one-way trip across Kalimdor to Uldum.

MemeStarKeem wasn’t the only victim of Treasure Goblin’s autopsy shenanigans. Several other players appeared in Uldum shortly after their respawn. Their collective shock and astonishment was palpable, with some frantically attempting to teleport back to Orgrimmar to claim their loot, while others just laughed and accepted their failure.

Their fans got a kick out of MemeStarKeem’s World of Warcraft videos. Some shared stories of them teleporting away from the Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin in a similar fashion, while others suggested using Loot-a-Rang toys or waiting until everyone else had defeated the monsters and cleared to avoid falling victim to a scam next time By. Many World of Warcraft players also discussed their own luck with exclusive cosmetic items from the event — both good and bad.

World of Warcraft fans still have a few more weeks to collect Treasure Goblins for all the rare items that drop. Once the Ravenous Herald is over, from June 15th to July 11th, Winds of Sanctuary will provide players with a huge experience and reputation buff. At the same time, Diablo 4 servers began to go live worldwide for early access. Blizzard fans will soon have plenty of treasure goblins to hunt down for awesome loot, whether they’re exploring Azeroth or in Sanctuary.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC

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