World of Warcraft Noblegarden Easter Event is Easier to Complete

Noblegarden is back in World of Warcraft with nice quality of life changes that make egg hunt vacations a little less of a headache. Completing Easter-themed World of Warcraft events has never been easier.

Every year, World of Warcraft hosts Noblegarden, an in-game event inspired by the real-world Easter holiday. During the event, players can pick up colorful eggs hidden in the game world. These eggs contain Noblegarden Chocolates, the currency of the holiday event, which can be used to purchase various Easter-themed items. The event is live now and will run until April 17 at 10AM PST.

In previous years, when the player picked up a brightly colored egg, it would disappear into the world until it respawned shortly thereafter. This turned the event into an intense race to find Easter Eggs, with most World of Warcraft players simply camping out in place to earn their Noblegarden rewards. However, brightly colored eggs are now more like overworld chests, meaning they don’t disappear until shortly after being looted. This means that multiple players can loot the same egg, making it easier to grow Noblegarden Chocolate.

This change in quality of life came at an opportune time. In addition to the plethora of Noble Garden toys and transmogrification costumes, World of Warcraft has added a new dragon-riding toy to the event. When used, Drake’s Sack of Eggs will spawn an Easter Basket in the mouth of the player’s Dragoon mount. This toy requires 200 Noblegarden Chocolates, which means players need to collect almost 2000 to buy each item from the event vendor.

The Noble Gardener meta achievement is also unlockable through this event by earning 8 smaller achievements. Doing so will earn you the title of Nobility and advance the What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been meta holiday achievement for the highly anticipated Violet Proto-Drake World of Warcraft mount.

Noblegarden events are also a great place for players to earn monthly Trading Post rewards. There are six events related to Noble Gardens in this month’s Traveler’s Journal. After completing all of these tasks, players can earn 450 points towards the monthly Trading Post prizes – almost half of the 1,000 points required to get all the rewards starting in April. Boasting a plethora of beautiful cosmetic items to unlock from World of Warcraft’s April trading post catalog, Noblegarden is a great place for casual players to hone in on the last few bits they might be missing to win their trader bids.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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