World of Warcraft: New Voice Line Teases Return of Legion NPC in Dragonflight Patch 10.1

A new voice line spotted in the World of Warcraft public beta area ostensibly confirms the return of a certain NPC from the Legion expansion in patch 10.1. While the role was relatively minor at the time, it seemed like he might have a major role when he returned to Dragonflight World of Warcraft.

Warcraft: World of Warcraft Warning: Spoilers below.

Once players increase their prestige level with the Valdrakken Accord in Dragonflight, they gain access to several dragon-themed story chapters that are critical to the future of WoW. One of the chapters, “The Silver Duty,” revolves around Tyr, the Fallen Guardian of the Titans—who was responsible for empowering the Guardians of Dragons and inspiring the creation of the Paladins of the Silver Hand—and World of Warcraft players begin the process of rebuilding him.

Embers of Neltharion will continue this World of Warcraft storyline and explore the possibility of rebuilding Tyr in the next chapter. Based on new voice data unearthed from the Neltharion Embers PTR, players will use the Silver Scale left by the Guardian to capture Tyr’s final memory. However, the voice line also hints that players will do so with the help of Captain Travard, an NPC who first appeared in Legion.

Travard is a member of the Tyr Guard, a secret order of paladins sworn to protect the tombs of fallen titan guardians. He appears in the Fighter, Priest, and Paladin Class Hall campaigns in World of Warcraft, where he helps collect certain Artifact weapons. Afterwards, he formally joined the Silver Hand and became an official paladin.

Travard’s presence in this Dragonflight mission makes perfect sense. A descendant of the vrykul, he originally traveled with Tyr to the Eastern Kingdoms. Given that they’re trying to recreate the titan’s keeper in World of Warcraft, there’s no one more qualified than the man who guards his final resting place. Players will likely revisit Tyr’s Tomb during this questline, copying the memories of his last moments and installing them into a new version of Titan’s Guardian.

Players are intrigued by the return of Tyrian Guard Travard. The Secret Paladins only appear briefly during Legion, leaving many questions about the mysterious figure. Although nearly seven years have passed, many fans are eager to learn more about Travard and what he did after defeating the Burning Legion. Fortunately, players won’t have to wait long to find out – with the release of Embers of Neltharion on May 2, fans will soon be able to see Travard’s role in Dragonflight. full background.

World of Warcraft : Dragonflight is now available for PC.

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