World of Warcraft Game Director Comments on Third Evoker Specialization Rumors

The game director of World of Warcraft just commented on the rumors surrounding a possible third specialization for Evokers. While his words seem to give a definitive answer, a closer look could mean big moves could be in store for World of Warcraft in the future.

Prolific World of Warcraft fan and content creator MrGM recently spoke to game director Ion Hazzikostas about Embers of Neltharion – Dragonflight’s first major update coming live on May 2. In the interview, they discuss upcoming World of Warcraft features such as cross-faction guilds, transmogrification, and customization options, as well as future updates including patch 10.1.5.

During the taped interview, MrGM asked Hazzikostas on 26:30 about the rumors of the Evoker 3rd specialization. There’s plenty of evidence that Dragonflight’s new class could get a third support or tank profession, from data-mined voice lines to spells and abilities. Hazzikostas answered the question by confirming that there won’t be such a specialization in patch 10.1, but “anything is possible in the future”.

Hazzikostas went on to say that some of the data mining assets are remnants of clipped content trying to explain the found spells. However, he later went on to say that he “would definitely see us playing [add specialization] in general.” While that answer might seem depressing at first glance, as MrGM himself said in the chat during the replay of the interview : “I didn’t hear the rejection.” Based on previous interviews with Hazzikostas and other World of Warcraft developers, the lack of a clear answer may be telling.

The players were excited about the implications of Hazzikostas’ comments in the interview. While evokers won’t be getting Neltharion Ember’s secret third specialization, he doesn’t deny the fact that one is in the works suggesting they might be working on one. What’s more, saying that WoW is open to experimenting with the idea opens the door to a ton of other possibilities, such as a third profession for demon hunters in WoW or a fourth specification for an existing class like the Earth theme tank shaman or rogue who heals by throwing potions and tonics.

There are a lot of rumors about World of Warcraft right now. Some leaked cutscenes set around Dragonflight patch 10.2 suggest that major changes are coming to the night elves, while a new developer release for WoW Classic suggests that the Nostalgia server may be getting its first major update since Season of Mastery. With Ember of Neltharion looming, this spring and summer looks set to be an exciting time for WoW.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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