World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Map Shows How Large New 10.1 Zone Is

World of Warcraft provides a new continent for players to explore in Dragonflight, and even in Ashes of Neltharion, Dragon Isle remains a cohesive whole compared to the different regions of the Shadowlands. World of Warcraft’s next major patch is due in May, and it brings a new area in Zaralek Cavern that hosts the middle chapter of Dragonflight’s overarching narrative, this time focusing on Deathwing’s legacy as the Guardian of the Earth.

Between interesting updates about the Forsaken and their internal politics, and hints that Dragonflight’s evokers are getting a third perk, Embers of Neltharion sets the stage for what’s coming on May 2. Zaralek Cavern has a gearlock-up system not dissimilar to the ever-popular format in the Timeless Isle, and the addition to the World of Warcraft trading post in patch 10.1 can only be described as understandable. By all accounts, Blizzard seems determined to avoid releasing another Chains of Juggernaut, as Dragonflight has the potential to be one of the best expansions for World of Warcraft if it sticks to its current direction.

For that, Zaralek Cavern is not Korthia. It’s a vast new area directly connected to the mainland of Dragon Island, which means players can fly deep into subterranean areas without any loading screens. Recalling Azjol-Nerub’s original idea in Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard ended up creating the underground playground a developer could only dream of. A World of Warcraft player named Ran0702 covered the entire Dragon Isles area map, perfectly illustrating how big Zaralek Cavern is compared to the rest of Dragonflight.

I draped Zaralek Caverns’ map over the entire Dragon Isles to get an idea of how big it is. By u/Ran0702 in wow Looking at the map, World of Warcraft players can expect to explore an area the size of Azure Span, as most of its playable area spans directly across the Plains of Ohn’ahran and into the Wake Shore. Oddly enough, the isle to the west is still intact, further fueling rumors that Blizzard plans to keep the location for the new world tree to replace Teldrassil. While Dragonflight’s capital Valdrakken is popular among players, World of Warcraft’s capital city arguably deserves a little love, and the community felt the new Teldrassil was the perfect starting point to make them relevant again.

While Ember of Neltharion looks like a potential slam dunk for Blizzard to continue to win back the community’s trust following their failures in Shadowlands and Battle for Azeroth, many players are concerned that the new direction for epic keystone affixes in Dragonflight Season 2 is a step A step in the wrong direction. World of Warcraft has an extensive roadmap for 2023, and it certainly won’t be short on content, but fans are hoping Blizzard won’t hold its own with poor design decisions this time around.

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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