World of Warcraft Confirms Diablo 4 Crossover Event Dates

World of Warcraft has just revealed the runtimes of two upcoming crossover events celebrating the release of Diablo 4. With the release of Diablo 4 sandwiched between these events, World of Warcraft players will have plenty to do before and after the highly anticipated action RPG.

Recently, players discovered evidence of a Diablo 4 crossover event in Dragonflight’s public test realm. Based on descriptions and data-mined assets, players will be able to collect special cosmetics, items, and benefit from huge boosts in prestige and experience gains.

However, an updated PTR release has now given players an exact date to expect this crossover. The campaign is actually split into two separate campaigns, the first being the Emissary of Greed. From May 25th to June 13th, players can hunt Treasure Goblins for special cosmetic rewards. Part 2, Welcome to the Shelter, begins June 15th and runs through July 10th. This part gives players a 50% experience boost and an 8% reputation gain buff, except for the new Loamm Niffen Renown faction from Embers of Neltharion.

Several items have been identified as possible rewards for this event :

Wirt’s Last Leg: is a decorative one-handed mace that looks like a prosthetic leg. The Treasure Nabbin’ Bag: is a bag filled with loot that is used as a back ornament. The Horadric Haversack: is a giant 36-slot backpack. Baal’ial: A red goat battle pet inspired by Belial, Lord of Lies. Enmity Ensemble: Cape and Hood themed after Diablo himself. World of Warcraft has yet to make an official announcement about the event, so specifics are still subject to change. That said, given that these dates are well timed to build momentum for Diablo 4’s release and incentivize people to log into World of Warcraft once the hype starts to die down, they probably won’t be moving around. Players can also expect more specifics on how to earn these cosmetic rewards once Blizzard officially announces them.

Players have been eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 4 since the record-setting testing weekend. Luckily for those fans who also play WoW, Patch 10.1, Ember of Neltharion, will be released on May 2nd to distract them. The new World of Warcraft content update adds a sprawling new area, tons of quests and events, and a second raid game in Dragonflight, so players will have plenty of distractions until Diablo 4 and its crossover event kicks off .

World of Warcraft is now available for PC.

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