Wordle For April 1, 2023: 5-Letter Words Starting With MA

Word puzzle fans looking for a way to spice up their daily solving routine may give Wordle a try. This puzzle game is also a great way to keep away from the many potential shenanigans that others may be up to today (April 1, 2023) to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

Interestingly, the April 1st Wordle challenge is rather interesting given today’s context, so players may see it as both a familiar term and a surprising one. Players who are a bit stuck on this particular puzzle may be able to rely on some neat clues, such as definitions of terms and technical components as well as starting words and familiar terms.

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-25 Solving word games like Wordle would be much easier if players had access to the definitions of the terms. This alone can provide players with better insight and a basis for comparison, especially when assessing whether their possible guesses fit the context of the challenge at hand. For example, a key definition of this puzzle has to do with walking in a military-like manner, specifically emphasizing measured stride, speed, and determination. In turn, this might describe the act of forcing someone to walk somewhere quickly or even walk across the street in protest of something.

Because of its military use, the word is also associated with the music that usually accompanies the movement. Likewise, the word has evolved to relate to the continuity or progression of abstract things. It might even have something to do with the border area between the two (2) territories and the third month of the year.

technical clues

Once players understand the definitions of terms, they may also want to consider looking at the technical clues related to puzzles. When players use these components with existing definitions, they may further identify contextual cues. For example, the word April 1 Wordle has the following clues;

The word has one (1) syllable The word is primarily a verb, especially when related to doing an action The word becomes a noun when referring to the action itself as a concept suggestions for starting words

Players when solving problems Another clue that these types of puzzles might use is the starting words for Wordle terms, which can provide additional insight to help them. This time, terms can provide available letters, allowing players to remove or include potential guesses for word solutions based on these parameters. A useful entry for players may be the following :

MONEY ADIEU 5-letter words that begin with MA

Another clue that players can check when solving the April 1 crossword puzzle may also be a familiar word in the challenge term. Similar to starting words, they also provide letters that players can use for puzzles. This time around, the aforementioned letters are also more accurate, as their locations have also been revealed. Today’s words start with MA-, and 185 five-letter words fit this format. Here are a few of the words, excluding answer:


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