Wordle 667 Clues And Hints For April 17, 2023

Word challenge lovers who want to spice up their daily puzzle adventures may want to give Wordle a try. These Wordle challenges may seem like your typical five-letter password words, but the added pressure of having to solve them within six tries adds to the suspense of each day’s puzzles.

Thrill-seekers should consider solving the puzzle as soon as possible today, April 17, 2023. But for players who want more clues, they might be able to rely on hints like word definitions, technical components, or even starting terms.

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-12 Definitions of words in word challenges like Wordle are a great way to solve today’s puzzles, especially since players can use the meaning of terms to check whether they fit the context of any guesses the player wants to use. Today’s word is related to a faint smell or a smell that is smelled briefly.

In turn, this became a term for sniffing something quickly in order to taste the scent or to look for exciting and/or threatening traces. It may even have something to do with hitting the ball in sports like baseball. It originated as a term in the 16th century meaning “to inhale tobacco” or “a gust of wind”.

technical clues

Next to the word definitions are technical components that players can use to solve Wordle puzzles. These clues allow the player to better understand how the associated word is used in the language context. Today’s word has these components :

The word has one syllable The two letters of the word are the same The word is primarily a noun The word becomes a verb when there is an performer performing the above action suggestions for starting words

Another practical cue the player can rely on to deal with this The challenge is to start Wordle terms. These provide players with more useful letters that they can check against their potential guesses against the hints revealed by these beginners. Here are some introductory terms for players’ reference :

WORTH FRAIL 5-letter words that begin with WH

Players who want to get the final clue to the Wordle challenge will be the terms and words that are close to the solution to the puzzle. These words provide the player with letters and locations directly related to the cryptic code without revealing it. The puzzle in question begins with WH-, where 64 five-letter words follow this format. Here are some of the words but not the solution :


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