Wordle 666 Answer (April 16, 2023)

Wordle has another challenging puzzle for players to try and solve today. In order to play, many people need the rules of the game, some strategy for winning Wordle, and maybe even full spoilers for today’s five-letter words.

How to play Wordle

To start the game, word puzzle lovers need to go to the New York Times Games website or the New York Times Crossword App. These are the only two places where players can find the original version of Wordle; there are tons of Wordle copycats and clones out there, but their answers differ from those listed here. Many clones also have slightly different rules, such as theme versions.

The first task is to choose a word. The word must or should follow some rules, so here’s some help choosing the best starting Wordle word to start with.

The word must be an actual, English, five-letter word. Great starters have five different letters and two or three vowels. Players should avoid using previous answers or plural nouns ending in S, as these are not answers now. Players must also avoid offensive words and proper nouns. Once you’ve selected your word, enter it into the Wordle grid. Press Enter, and watch the letters change color. Here’s what each color means :

Green letters are correct. Gray letters are incorrect. The yellow letters are correct, but in the wrong position within the word. Now that the player has some clues, it’s time to try a new word. The word also gives more color-coded hints, bringing players closer to the real answer. Players have a total of six attempts to guess the correct word before losing.

Everyone gets only one word per day, so be sure to share it on social media using the spoiler-free share buttons. This helps avoid breaking the puzzle for others who haven’t had a chance to try it out for themselves. Word of the Day resets every day at midnight local time, providing players with brand new puzzles. In order to track player stats in Wordle, they should make sure to create a New York Times Gaming account or use the same browser every day.

Answers to Wordle 666 April 16, 2023

For those looking for answers to today’s puzzles, keep scrolling down. Full spoilers for Wordle April 16 below the image below.

Wordle  online The answer to Wordle puzzle 666 is DWELT.

Wordle works with any browser and the New York Times crossword app.

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