Wordle 664 Clues And Hints For April 14, 2023

Word game lovers curious about more challenging concepts should consider trying Wordle. Since solving a Wordle puzzle requires players to find a five-letter word within six tries, even common words like those used today, April 14, 2023, can confuse players who don’t know where to start.

However, just because a puzzle is tricky doesn’t mean it can’t be solved. Thankfully, clues such as term definitions and technical clues, as well as ideal starting words and familiar terms, may help players solve puzzles more easily.

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-9 The meaning of words in word puzzles like Wordle can provide a lot of insight to players looking to solve challenges like today’s. After all, they help players see whether any of their guesses match the meaning assigned to them.

This word describes someone who is stealing something. The term comes from an Old English term with the same meaning but a longer spelling. This more recently more popular term has been in use since the late 17th century.

Another way in which technical clues

players complement the Wordle Challenge definition is through its technology component. These clues provide players with valid insights into how the word should be used in English. Here are technical clues players should consider for today’s puzzle :

The word has one syllable The word is primarily a noun when describing someone who steals suggestions for starting words

A more pragmatic approach to today’s challenges is to start using Wordle terms. These words should provide a way for players to cross-check the letters and letter positions that should appear in their guesses. Here are some starters for today’s challenge :

ADIEU HEART 5-letter words that begin with TH

Players’ last resort when solving today’s puzzles should be familiar terms and words for the puzzle. These provide players with letters and letter positions that they can cross-check with their own potential guesses without directly reaching a solution. Today’s Wordle challenge starts with TH-, of which 79 five-letter words fit this format. Here are some of those words, excluding challenge answer:


the lord










Those ones




Wordle can be played through the browser.

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