Wordle 662 Answer (April 12, 2023)

Wordle has a very challenging word today that many players may not know. If anyone gets stuck and needs help, they can check out some help below with the rules of the game and a full spoiler for today’s puzzle.

How to play Wordle

Playing Wordle requires the player to go to the correct place first. Due to Wordle’s popularity on Twitter and other social media sites, several clones have emerged on the Internet. The original text and subject of this article was the New York Times Games section. Different words will have different answers than those listed here, and many of them even have slightly different rules.

Once in the correct position, the player needs to start by choosing the best starting Wordle word. The word :

Needs to be five letters long. Must be a real English word. Should contain five distinct letters. There should be two or three vowels. It cannot be a derogatory term. Cannot be a proper noun. Plural nouns ending in S should not be used. Should not be the previous answer. Should contain mostly common letters. Once you’ve chosen your starting word, enter it into the Wordle grid and press Enter. This turns the letters into one of three colors, each with a different meaning that can provide players with clues to the answer.

The letters that turn green are correct and in the correct position in the word. If a letter turns yellow, it is correct but in the wrong position within the word. Gray letters are incorrect and will not appear in today’s answer. Given these clues, the player will need to try another word and get more clues about the word of the day. Players have a total of six attempts to find the answer before losing the game. There is only one puzzle per day, and these puzzles reset at midnight local time. Missing puzzle pieces every day is part of the reason why there are so many different clones of the popular Wordle, even though the original still exists and works just fine.

Answers to Wordle 662 April 12, 2023

Need a full spoiler today? Scroll down to the image below for the April 12 Wordle answers.

wordle  keyboard  picture The answer to Wordle puzzle 662 is borax.

Wordle works with any browser and the New York Times crossword app.

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