Wordle 661 Clues And Hints For April 11, 2023

Word challenge lovers who want a unique spin on their puzzle-solving journey might consider learning the daily mystery codes with Wordle. Thanks to the game, players are given a day to encounter a five-letter challenge that they must solve, failing which they will be locked out of the puzzle forever.

The problem is, players only have six tries to guess correctly, which adds to the stress that not all puzzle games have. This warning can be tricky for players, especially those who find today’s April 11, 2023 challenge harder than the normal Wordle entry. Thankfully, there are specific clues that players can rely on to make their puzzle journey more bearable.

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-6 One of the best first clues for players stuck in a word game like Wordle is the definition of the puzzle. This data can provide useful insights as players check whether their planned attempts match the meaning of the word.

The word for the April 11 Wordle challenge describes a feeling of unease, often associated with fear and worry, especially when it comes to a person’s behavior. However, it can also refer to doubts about something. The word comes from an old term associated with feeling sick or weak. The word may be of Old English or Germanic origin, which has an ancient word meaning pain.

technical clues

Another clue that players can rely on when solving Wordle puzzles is the technical clue associated with the term. These components provide players with insights into how related words are used, giving players a way to check whether any of their guesses fit those formats. The technical clues related to the puzzle are as follows :

This word has one (1) syllable This word primarily belongs to a noun suggestions for starting words

If players are interested in solving today’s puzzle, they can also check the Start Wordle Challenge. It is because of these terms that the player may be able to identify letters that may or may not be correct in the context of the puzzle solution, and these additional clues can help the player zero in on the solution for a particular term. Here are some starting terms to consider :

ADIEU MOLAR Five-letter words that begin with QU

The last clue a Wordle player can rely on when solving today’s puzzles is the term approaching the solution to the challenge. These words can provide even more useful clues for Wordle 661, especially since players now have access to the correct letters that they can use for the puzzle. Today’s words start with QU-, and there are 70 five-letter words with this layout. Here are some of those words, excluding the solution to the April 11 challenge :


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