Wordle 659 Answer (April 9, 2023)

Wordle has a brand new puzzle every day for players to guess in a total of six attempts. While today’s puzzle isn’t the most challenging Wordle puzzle ever created, it can be quite a difficult one for a number of reasons. For anyone looking for an answer, check out the help below.

The rules of How to play Wordle

Wordle are fairly simple, but mastering the game can be quite a challenge. To win the day’s puzzle, players not only need to learn the rules of the game, but also a little Wordle strategy.

The most important part of being successful in Wordle is making sure the player is in the correct position. There are tons of Wordle clones out there, but the original and subject of this article is the New York Times version. Other clones and imitators out there might be interesting, but their answers will be different than those listed here. This version is only available on the newspaper’s game website or the NYT Crossword app.

First, choose a five-letter starting word. The word must obey all the rules of Wordle answers, such as no offensive words and proper nouns, but there are some unspoken rules. For example, Wordle answers will not have repetitions or plural nouns ending in S or ES. Type a five-letter word into a Wordle site and press Enter. The letters of the word change color. Each color has a different meaning : Green is correct, gray is wrong and yellow means the letter is correct but in the wrong position within the word. Based on these clues, another word is selected and entered into the Wordle grid. Press the enter key and the letters will also change color, giving the player more clues to the answer. Players have a total of six attempts to try new words and get new clues. If the answer is guessed within six tries, the player wins; if the answer is not guessed after six tries, the player loses the puzzle. There is a brand new puzzle every day at midnight local time. Once the puzzle is complete, the Wordle menu will pop up, allowing players to access their Wordle stats.Answers to Wordle 659 for April 9, 2023

If anyone is looking for the full answer to the April 9th Wordle, they should keep scrolling. Spoilers are located below the next image.

Wordle  Screenshot The answer to Wordle puzzle 659 is SNAFU.

Wordle works with any browser and the New York Times crossword app.

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