Wordle 658 Clues And Hints For April 8, 2023

Word puzzle lovers may know Wordle well, and those who haven’t tried it should consider giving it a try. The app provides players with a deceptively simple five-letter puzzle to solve, except that each Wordle challenge only allows players to guess six (6) times and then locks them completely into the mystery code for the day.

This greatly increases the tension for players, who find Wordle on April 8, 2023 rather difficult. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be figured out, especially if the right clues are used. What hints should players be aware of when solving this Wordle challenge?

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-4 One of the best clues a player can use when solving a game like Wordle is to learn the definitions of terms. That way, they can use its meaning to find contextual clues that can help them understand whether their guess matches the word they’re trying to solve.

As far as today’s puzzles are concerned, it’s a narrow surface that protrudes from a cliff, wall, or other surface, usually in the form of a walkable horizontal platform. This could even describe underwater ridges made of rocks near the shore and seafloor. Interestingly, this may describe formations of mineral-bearing or metallic rocks, such as veins of quartz or other minerals.

technical clues

Another way players can find Wordle solutions without immediately looking at the puzzle answer is through the technical components associated with the definition. This way, players have another layer of clues to cross-check their guesses. For example, the word has the following technical components :

This word has one (1) syllable This word has two (2) identical letters This word is primarily a noun, no matter what context it is used in suggestions for starting words

Players interested in more clues to word puzzles may Would like to consider acquiring Wordle starter terms to simplify problem solving. Essentially, these starting words help players identify letters that allow them to eliminate guesswork that doesn’t necessarily work in their favour. For example, here are some starting words a player might use :

ADIEU GLEAM 5-letter words that begin with LE

The last clue a player may rely on when solving a Wordle puzzle is the familiar term of the cryptic code. Instead of giving the code right away, the player can use similar words to get helpful clues as the correct letter, further reducing the number of guesses the player has to make about the mystery word. For example, today begins with LE, where 94 five-letter words follow this format. Here are some of the words, excluding the puzzle solution:


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