Wordle 656 Clues And Hints For April 6, 2023

Players who love puzzle games can check out Wordle for a solid way to tackle the daily word challenge that awaits them. After all, each Wordle puzzle may feel like a typical five-letter code, but players who guess six (6) wrong times will be permanently locked out of the day’s puzzle.

This means that players on a winning streak cannot fail to solve puzzles by today (April 6, 2023) or risk losing progress, adding a unique layer of stress to the game. Thankfully, there are certain clues that players can rely on to make their puzzle-solving process go more smoothly.

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-3 Word meanings can be an effective way to solve puzzle games such as Wordle, where players double-check their potential guesses against a defined context. For example, the April 6th challenge has to do with something with lots of leaves, or the leaf-like part of a plant that attaches to a stem. It may also be related to having “a lot” of specific plant components.

technical clues

Players now grasp the meaning of the term and can use technology components to further refine today’s Wordle puzzles. Knowing what the word’s technical clues tell us about Wordle terminology allows players to see if their guesses make sense in the context of those hints. For example, the word has these technical clues :

The word has two (2) syllables The word is an adjective suggestions for starting words

A more practical approach to this puzzle is to grab the starting Wordle term. When used correctly, these words can provide players with letters they can cross-check, especially if they fit the pattern of attempts they will use as guesses. For example, the April 6 pick has these words as recommended starters:

ADIEU FLOUR 5-letter words that begin with LE

Wordle Puzzle lovers’ final clue is a term similar to the challenge at hand. These words provide the player with actionable hints, especially since they now show the player the correct letter to appear in the puzzle term. For example, today’s words begin with LE-, of which 94 five-letter words exist. However, the player will not get the solution directly, here are some words but not including the code term:


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