Wordle 655 Clues And Hints For April 5, 2023

Puzzle game lovers looking for a new experience might want to consider giving Wordle a try. Each Wordle challenge might look like a simple five letter puzzle, but solving them in just six (6) attempts before getting locked out for the day can be daunting.

That’s why the April 5, 2023 puzzle can be especially suspenseful for players. After all, even if the word itself isn’t all that obscure, it’s still hard to solve if the player starts with some unrewarded guesses. Thankfully, there are certain clues that players can use to regain their advantage.

What does it mean

Wordle  - Divider-3 When staring at a blank screen, learning the meaning of the convoluted terms chosen by apps like Wordle can make a huge difference. For example, the term April 5th is related to motion aimed at bumping or hitting something. In addition, the word also refers to breaking something violently, even knocking inwards, bumping.

In terms of combat, the word refers to a violent blow; or, in terms of traffic, it may relate to severe damage to a car. Likewise, it can be associated with destroying something comprehensively or easily.

technical clues

After memorizing the definitions of terms, players can also turn to the technical components of Wordle terms for more context. This allows players to fully check whether their possible guesses apply to the puzzle at hand. For example, some technical threads here include :

The word has one (1) syllable The two (2) letters of the word are the same The word is primarily a verb, especially in the context of the act of collision The word becomes a noun when referring to an action or condensed into the action of the word Own Phenomena suggestions for starting words

An additional clue that players should consider using this puzzle is the starting Wordle term. Using the correct starting word, players can delete words that do not contain the letters of the starting word they used. For example, the word has these recommended starting words :

ADIEU MARSH 5-letter words that begin with SM

Finally, before giving up on finding a Wordle solution, players can also resort to terms that share letters with the puzzle. These words can provide much-needed help to players stuck in a puzzle, because while they won’t reveal the solution to the puzzle, they do lead the player to more specific clues to the cryptic code. For example, words beginning with SM, of which 40 five-letter words fit this configuration. Here are some of those terms, excluding puzzle solution:


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