Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Find All 31 Tablet Locations (Well-Read Trophy/Achievement)

Anyone who’s spent a lot of time playing games in the “Souls-like” genre probably realizes that many of them like to find interesting and unique ways to tell their stories. From unique or strange NPCs, to hidden lore, the genre is clearly happy to trust players to find the story, rather than just force it through cutscenes and exposition. In this sense, “Wolong : Fallen Dynasty” lives up to the title of “soul”.

Whether it’s From Software or an unknown indie developer, one of the most common ways to enhance traditional narrative delivery is through collectible documents scattered throughout the game world. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty uses this mechanic to scatter 31 tablets at almost every stage of the game. With each tablet discovered, a small piece of knowledge is shared, gradually revealing more of the story Team Ninja tells.

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All the Tablets of Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty Part 1

Zhang  Liang  before  transforming  from  Wo  Long: Fallen  Dynasty “Disaster Village”

Tablet 1: ‘Yellow Turban Bandits – Part 1’

Wo-Long-Tablet-1-Village-of-Calamity Wolong : The first monument of the Fallen Dynasty is located in the first stage. As players approach the unmissable first battle flag, they’ll see a large stone statue or carving. At the bottom of it, the player will find “Notes from the Yellow Turban Bandit – Part 1”.

All the Slates of Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty Part 2

Wo  Long  Fallen  Dynasty  Readying  An  Arrow “Yellow Sky Demon Castle”

Tablet 2: “Notes of the Great Sage Instructor”

Wo-Long-Tablet-2 At the end of the stage, the player will climb up a long flight of stairs. Just before the top, there will be a small ledge slightly lower than the top edge. Once the player has cleared the damaged battle flag, they can drop it from the top and pick up the tablet.

“The Search for the Immortal Wizard”

Tablet 3: ‘Desperate Taoist Notes’

3 Image Wo-Long-Tablet-3-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-3-Path-2 Wo-Long-Tablet-3 Close The third tablet was found in the cave, it is the final barrier between the stage and the boss arena. After clearing the Zhopolong (crocodile demon) and raising the final flag, go through the entrance in the picture above. This path will lead to a small room, where Hong Jing had practiced before. The tablet is placed on the ground against the wall.

“The Fall of Corrupt Officials”

This is the first phase featuring multiple tablets. The “Fall of the Corrupt Eunuch” feature contains two tablets.

Tablet 4: “Prisoner’s Last Words”

2 Images Wo-Long-Tablet-4-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-4 Close At the bottom of the prison area, the first slate of this stage is found in a cell near the damaged battle flag. While it’s not required, defeating the boss water ghost (merfolk demon) and cleaning out the corruption will make the bottom layer easier to navigate freely. From the flag, head to the other side of the room than where you found the key. There is a cell guarded by the Book of Fire, which is where the tablet was found on the body of a tortured soldier. Remember to take the dungeon key from the cell near the flag to fully navigate the stage.

Tablet 5: “Tycoon’s Notes”

2 Image Wo-Long-Tablet-5-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-5 Close From the 6th battle flag just before the final courtyard exit, go up the stairs and go to the right. Jump over the broken part of the floor and enter the hidden room leading to the stage’s final marker flag. Before entering the hole, break the box in the corner. Tablet 5 will be revealed.

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Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty Part 4 All Slates

Wo-Long-Lu-Bu-Mid “Battle of Hulao Pass”

This stage contains two tablets for players to find. It’s great that players can leave without having to face Wolong : Fallen Dynasty’s legendary warrior Lu Bu again.

Stele No. 6: “Sun Jian’s Art of War”

3 Images Wo-Long-Tablet-6-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-6-Path-2 Wo-Long-Tablet-6 Close On the way to the second flag overlooking the main battleground, players can choose to part ways and first pass through a small camp. Head to the gate pictured above, then find the Stele in the tent on the left, just before the main camp courtyard. The courtyard is where the damaged battle banner can be found.

Tablet 7: ‘Coalition General’s Diary’

Wo-Long-Tablet-7 In the center of the main battleground, players can clear the Corrupted Battle Banner by facing and defeating Huaxiong before scaling the city walls. Tablet number 7 was found on one of several corpses lying around the arena where the battle took place.

“A century of glory lost”

This stage contains three tablets for players to position.

Stele No. 8: “Last Words of Luoyang City Women”

Wo-Long-Centuries-Tablet-1 This tablet is down the street from the second battle flag. Look at the pile of jars in the corner.

Tablet 9: ‘Colorful Tic Tac Toe’

Wo-Long-Centuries-Tablet-2 Decaying Battle Banner In the yard guarded by wights, there is a small bridge over a pond. Along the stones of a well leading from the bridge to the courtyard wall. Tablets will be found here.

Tablet 10: ‘Last Words of Civil Service’

2 Image Wo-Long-Centuries-Tablet-3-Path Wo-Long-Centuries-Tablet-3 Close On the far wall of the last courtyard there is a marker flag, opposite the battle flag. To the left of the flag is a small building. Use the platform to reach the roof and enter the building, the tablet is inside.

“Dark Night Crossing the Han River”

This stage has two tablets for players to position.

Tablet 11: ‘Graffiti of Jinfan Pirates’

2 Image Wo-Long-Tablet  11-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-11 Close Once the player has cleared the wreckage and reached dry land, they can proceed along the shoreline. There will be more powerful water ghosts to defeat, and a small boat to see further afield. The ship will be guarded by demonized officers and warlocks. Once they’re cleared, head to the lowest level of the ship. Go back and around the corner to find the small chest with the tablet 11 in it.

Tablet 12: “Diary of a Xiangyang City Woman”

2 Image Wo-Long-Tablet-12-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-12 Close From the last battle flag located in front of the locked door, follow the path in the only direction available. After passing the barricade, there will be a small house on the left. The tablet is on the ground.

“The Tyrant’s Last Feast”

This stage has three tablets for players to locate.

Tablet 13: ‘Maywood Castle Guard Notes’

2 Images Wo-Long-Tablet-13-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-13 Close Looking out of the courtyard from the second battle flag, the player can see that there are two walls between the first and second courtyards as a partition. Look for the building on the far left before the first wall. Tablet 13 will be located between buildings and walls.

Tablet 14: ‘Notes from the Jailor at Castle Maywood’

3 Images Wo-Long-Tablet-14-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-14-Path-2 Wo-Long-Tablet-14 Close From the fourth banner, follow the path to the right of the locked door. The player will pass through several open grids and a demonized officer before reaching the path’s fork. After the officer, the player will have a cell to their right and two possible paths to their left. Go into the path blocked by the box and find Tablet 14 in the storage area. Behind the crate there will be another demonized officer waiting to ambush the player, so be careful.

Tablet PC 15: ‘Entertainer Diary’

2 Image Wo-Long-Tablet  15-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-15 Close From the fifth battle flag found after returning to the ground, walk halfway through the yard until you reach the large staircase. Facing the stairs in the courtyard, go up, then turn right and find the above ground stele at the end of a small clearing.

“Fate of the Artists” – Second Battlefield

This side quest has two tablets for players to locate.

Tablet 16: ‘Artist’s Graffiti – Pt. 1’

Wo-Long-Tablet-16 This stele is at the top of the same stairs that lead to stele 15. In this version, the player approaches the courtyard after Battle Banner 2. The stairs will be on the left, and the stele is at the bottom door of the stone slab.

Tablet 17: “Artist’s Doodles – Part 2.”

Wo-Long-Tablet-17 This tablet is found in the hallway leading to the boss. It is located after the final battle banner. Should not be missed.

All the Slates of Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty Part 5

Wo  Long  Fallen  Dynasty  - Yu  Ji  “Boogie Hearts” – Sub Battlefield

Tablet PC 18: ‘Diary of a Pampering Military Advisor’

Wo-Long-Tablet-18(1) This tablet is very easy to find. When the player walks through the broken wall to Battle Standard 2, they will see tablet number 18 on the ground, just to the left of it.

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All the Slates of Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty Part 6

Wo  Long  Divine  Beasts “Behold the Blades of Justice”

This quest has three slabs for players to locate.

Tablet 19: ‘Cao Cao Soldier’s Notes’

2 Image Wo-Long-Dragon-Vein-Glaive-Essence-Path-1 Wo-Long-Glaive-Tablet-1 Close In the foggy area, the player will find a bridge leading to a large building. To the right of the bridge is a harpy. Walk across the bridge towards the building and turn left. There should be a bundle of wood that can be knocked down to create a shortcut. After kicking the package, climb up the wall and take a left to access the upper deck of the building. The tablet is in the center.

Tablet 20: ‘Yan Liang’s Notes’

Wo-Long-Glaive-Tablet-2(1) Just opposite the battle flag in front of the middle boss, there is a flagpole on a small raised ground. The tablet can be found at the bottom of the banner.

Tablet 21: ‘Letter from the Grave Robber’

2 Image Wo-Long-Glaive-Tablet-3-Path Wo-Long-Glaive-Tablet-3 Close From the first battle flag in the underground tunnel, go straight to the next room, go straight across the dirt road. There will be a small area with a few flower pots and ruined terracotta warriors. Tablet sits on the ground.

“The Battle of Guandu”

This stage has three tablets for players to locate.

Tablet 22: ‘Notes of the Disappointed Yuan Bing’

Wo-Long-Guandu-Tablet-1 This tablet is in the middle of the path, just below the first battle flag. It’s impossible to miss.

Tablet PC 23: “Yuanzhao Assassin’s Notes”

2 Images Wo-Long-Guandu-Tablet-2-Path Wo-Long-Guandu-Tablet-2 Close After obtaining the second battle flag, take the crystal path through the wall and the player will enter a small village. There are several dangerous enemies in this area, so use extreme caution when approaching. Once you’ve dealt with them, go under the torii gate and head to the ruined house. Tablet sits on the floor. If the player simply walks towards the loot, there will be long ghosts waiting to pounce on them. Make sure to be prepared.

Tablet 24: ‘Notes of Cao Cao’s Army Prisoners’

2 Image Wo-Long-Guandu-Tablet-3-Battle-Flag-3-Path-2-2 Wo-Long-Guandu-Tablet-3 Close Once the door behind Battle Flag 2 opens, go back through the column of giant soldiers and turn right. Head up the small hill to an area with a few white tents, then head to the path Crystal Path at the top of the area. Follow the path leading to the side of the building and the tablet is on the ground, impossible to miss.

All the Slates of Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty Part 7

Wo-Long-Part-7-Header “The Roar of the Crouching Dragon”

Crouching Dragon : There are five slabs for players to locate in the final stage of the Fallen Dynasty. These tablets are not replaced by loot when the player returns to the stage, so they are not in the image. However, the locations depicted are 100% accurate.

Tablet 25 and 26: ‘Blindfolded Boy’s Notes Pt. 1 2’

Wo-Long-Tablet-25-26 Both tablets are directly behind the starting position. The player must simply turn around and find the two in the house, sitting at two different tables.

Tablet 27: “Scared Businessman Note”

Wo-Long-Tablet-27 When the player walks through the village, this will be the next loot they see. The town is pretty wild, so any loot is probably a tablet. The house is just before the stairs leading to the next flight outside the village. If the player hits a set of long, narrow stone steps, the village disappears, just go back.

Tablet 28: “Villager Notes”

2 Image Wo-Long-Tablet-28-Path Wo-Long-Tablet-28 Close When the player starts walking up the stairs, a large round stone will appear on the right, the player will remember these stones from the first stage. Go all the way to the back of the area to find Tablet 28 on the ground.

Tablet 29: ‘Notes of the Yellow Turban Bandit – Pt. 2’

Wo-Long-29 The last slab of stone in the area is on the steps, just before the battle flag. The tablet is basically impossible to miss as it sits right on the main path of the stage.

Hide all tablets in the village

Wo-Long-Hidden-Village-1 Hidden Village Monument

There are two stone tablets in the hidden village for players to find.

Tablet 30: ‘Pining Woman’s Note’

2 Image Wo-Long-Tablet-30-Path-2 Wo-Long-Tablet-30 Close This tablet can be found once the player has access to the hidden village. Use the branches left by the Zhen family. There will be a jumping gap that leads to another branch. The second branch will be next to a small house. Head to the back of the tiny house, where the Tablet 30 will be waiting.

Tablet 31: ‘Golden Cicada Hermit Graffiti’

Wo-Long-Tablet  31 The final tablet can only be obtained after the player completes the Golden Cicada Shell side quest in Wolong : Fallen Dynasty. Once complete, the hermit will leave the last slab for collection. It will be located on top of the same tower that delivered the shells, at the end of the hidden village.

How to get Tablet Rewards and the Trophy/Achievement for “Reading Well”

Wo-Long-Tablet-Lady Collecting each tablet unlocks the “Extensive” trophy/achievement, which can also be claimed by delivering the tablet to one of the hermits in the Hidden Village. Head to the house opposite the well, just past the hermit who lost the key to the house. Inside, players will find a young lady who will take all the tablets in the game. The rewards are several different kinds of loot.

Crouching Dragon : Fallen Dynasty is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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