Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – All Shitieshou Locations (How Cute! & How Precious! Trophy/Achievement)

Like many games that make up the “Souls-like” genre, Crouching Dragon : Fallen Reigns includes several unique or wacky mechanics that stand out. Not the easiest thing to do in a game featuring demonic crocodiles and pig-headed Thors. However, in terms of grabbing food, the Panda Bear Demon Ten Iron Hands certainly met the requirements.

Stone Iron Hands are found all over Wolong : Fallen Dynasty, appearing in most main missions and several side missions. These friendly imps will eat any equipment dropped by the player and return a random accessory. While players never know what they’ll receive, the general rule is; the higher the rarity of the item given, the better the chance of returning the same or better accessory.

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Crouching Dragon Ten Iron Chiefs All Locations: Fallen Dynasty 2

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Menagerie “Valley of Weeping Ghosts”

Stone Iron Hand 1:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-1-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-1 Close The first Stone Hand can be found in the Part 2 quest “Valley of Weeping Ghosts”. The player climbs up a long ladder, crosses a bridge with a destructible area near the end, and finds a battle flag. It appears nearly two-thirds of the way down the stage. From that battle flag, down the trail, round a fair way, where the Ten Iron Hands sat, impossible to miss. Since this is the first time the player has found it, it is obviously meant to be found.

“Yellow Sky Demon Castle”

Shi Tieshou 2:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-2-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-2 Close From the damaged battle flag sitting in the middle of the small village, go to the small building in the far corner. Ten iron hands were in the building, and several altars and boxes blocked their view.

“Black Mountain Flying Swallow” – side mission

Stone Iron Hand 3:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-4-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-4-1 Close The third ten iron hand is in this sub-field. To find it, just turn right and walk between the two towers before the entrance to the boss arena. The loot demon will be found on the ground behind the tower on the right.

Crouching Dragon All Ten Iron Hands: Fallen Dynasty 3

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Header-1 “The Search for the Immortal Wizard”

Stone Iron Hand 4:

Wo-Long-ShiShou-4 After the pool containing multiple Channgui enemies, there will be a curved staircase with a battle flag. Just behind the flag, Stone Iron Hand can be seen sitting on the ground.

“Shadow of the Mountain”

Stone Iron Hand 5:

2 Images Wo-Long-ShiShou-5-Path Wo  Long  Fallen  Dynasty-3 Close From the final Battle Flag, follow the river back in the opposite direction from the boss. Turn right on the beach past the marker flag. Continue along the bamboo path until you can see a small shack on the left. Listen to the sound of the pot breaking, because that’s where the ten iron hands are.

“The Fallen Eunuch”

Shi Tieshou 6:

2 Images Wo-Long-ShiShou-6-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-6 Close The sixth Iron Hand is drawing to a close. With the player’s back facing the final battle flag, cross the small bridge on the left. The large complex the player just passed through will have a flank with stone and iron guarding the roof. Use the platform to reach the tiled roof of the structure, then turn around and jump over the destroyed section. Ten Tetsuju will sit where the roof meets the rest of the building.

“Escape from the Capital”

Shi Tieshou 7:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-7-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-7 Close From the second battle flag, enter the main building. Once inside, immediately turn left and walk up the stairs. Jump over the section of the destroyed floor to find the little loot demon.

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Crouching Dragon Full Iron Hand: Fallen Dynasty 4

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Header-3 “Battle of Hulao Pass”

Stone Iron Hand 8:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-8-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-8 Close The stone guard is located on top of the wall above the battlefield. There are several ways to get to the top, but the closest point to the Stone Guard is by using the siege tower on the left. From the battle flag the player found before entering the area, continue left to reach the tower. At the top, lower the ramp to reach the wall. Just where the tower meets the wall, a large wrestler enemy will patrol. Shitishou is in the building on the right. There will be another battle banner at the top of the ladder, right next to the loot-eating demon.

“A century of glory lost”

Stone Iron Hand 9:

2 Images Wo-Long-Centuries-ShiShou-1-Path Wo-Long-Centuries-ShiShou-1 Close From the second flag, head towards the nearby torch. Continue down until you can turn left, there will be a trolley and a flashlight around the corner. Go through the open area and go slightly left to the rear fence. Ten Iron Hands should be visible on approach.

“Dark Night Crossing the Han River”

Stone Iron Hand 10:

Wo-Long-ShiShou-10 When players use wreckage to cross water to land, they pass through a gate guarded by two soldiers. Behind this door is a corrupted battle flag, guarded by a corpse demon. After clearing, Shititshou can be found in the building next to the flag.

“The Lost Hallows”

Shi Tieshou 11:

2 Images Wo-Long-ShiShou-11-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-11 Close From the entrance of the covered bridge across the canal, drop onto the ledge below and take out the super water ghost at the end. Ten Iron Hands is at the end of the canal, drop off the bridge and go straight.

“The Tyrant’s Last Feast”

Shi Tieshou 12:

Wo-Long-ShiShou-12 When the player passes the fourth battle flag, through the various rooms with purple sludge, they will reach a room with Zhu Bolong. Shi Tieshou sat on the wooden board in the same room. Almost impossible to miss.

“The Fate of an Artist”

Shi Tieshou 13:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-13-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-13 Close In the yard after Battle Banner 2, Stone Iron Hand 13 can be found in a clearing behind a small bamboo bush. As soon as the player finds the Battle Flag 2, they will hear the distinctive canister cracking sound. The specific location is shown in the figure above.

Crouching Dragon Ten Iron Hands All Locations: Fallen Dynasty Part 5

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Featured-2 “Fighting Fire”

Stone Iron Hand 14:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-14-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-14 CLOSE Turn left from the fourth battle flag, then on the corner shown in the image. Take a quick right and see an enemy bending over to check the Iron Hand 14.

“The Way of the Brave”

Shi Tieshou 15:

2 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-15-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-15 (2) Close After the third battle flag, there will be a small raised rock area behind the building on the left. Ten Iron Hands sat on it.

“Uninhibited Heart”

Shi Tieshou 16:

3 Image Wo-Long-ShiShou-16-Path-1 Wo-Long-ShiShou-16-Path-2 Wo-Long-ShiShou-16 Close From the room with several pillars and the large platform in the middle, go through the door in the picture above. There will be a spider enemy on the ledge above, head to that ledge, then use the wooden platform to get to the top. Head to the next room and find the ladder leading to the inside of the dilapidated house. In the main quest, this area has a marker flag. Now 16 people live in Shi Tieshou.

“No. 1 Lu Bu in the World”

Shi Tieshou 17:

3 Images Wo-Long-ShiShou-17-Distance Wo-Long-ShiShou-17-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-17 Close Once the player enters the large structure through the roof, mischievous loot demons can actually be seen on its platform. Players can move around until they reach the correct point, then jump to Ten Iron Hand 17.

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Crouching Dragon Ten Iron Hands All Locations: Fallen Dynasty Part 6

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Header-4 “Behold the Blades of Justice”

Stone Iron Hand 18:

3 Images Wo-Long-Dragon-Vein-Glaive-Essence-Path-1 Wo-Long-Glaive-ShiShou-Roof-Hole Wo-Long-Glaive-ShiShou-Location Close In the foggy area of the stage, look for the bridge across the small stage. Here, the player will see a sour fish (harpy) patrolling. Cross the bridge and go left toward the building. Continue across the front deck and use the platform to get to the roof. Fall through the hole in the roof, but don’t fall all the way to the lower floors. Players must use worn-out floor remnants to get to the adorable loot bear.

“Nestless Raid” – sub-battlefield

Shi Tieshou 19:

2 Images Wo-Long-ShiShou-19-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-19 Close From the second battle banner, there is a stone brick corridor leading to the battle of Lieshe. As soon as the player enters the room, the Stone Hand will be on the ground to the left.

“Let our armor shine!”

Shi Tieshou 20:

2 Images Wo-Long-ShiShou-20-Path Wo-Long-ShiShou-20 Close From the second battle flag, go to the big ship which is the boss’s final barrier. Make sure not to leave the ship to enter the boss arena, as players won’t be able to do anything after defeating the Lieshe boss from Wolong: Fallen Dynasty. Ten Iron Hands 20 is at the very top of the ship, in a small room.

“The Battle of Guandu”

Shi Tieshou 21:

2 Images Wo-Long-Guandu-ShiShou-Shell-Path Wo-Long-Guandu-ShiShou Close From the last battle flag of the stage, drop onto a path to the right and follow the path to the area below. There will be a golden cicada shell and the only Shi Tieshou at the bottom.

How to complete the Ten Iron Hands trophy/achievement

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Header-6 There are two trophies/achievements related to the various Ten Iron Hands of Wolong : Fallen Dynasty. The first reward titled “How Cute!” is the reward the player gets when they find and feed a poodle for the first time. The second is “How Precious!”, and players are rewarded when they find and feed every Ishi Teshou in the game.

Wo-Long-ShiShou-Dude Upon completion, the player can visit the hermit who lives behind the home of Zuo Ci (the hermit leader). All the Ten Iron Hands will gather there after they are found in the wild. Talk to the caretaker hermit for some rewards.

Crouching Dragon : Fallen Dynasty is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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