Why Bloodborne 2 is Trending on Twitter

Bloodborne is trending on Twitter, and many From Software fans are probably wondering why. Bloodborne launched a few years ago, but many players are still talking about it and hoping for a sequel.

Bloodborne launched in 2015 as a PS4 exclusive. Like many FromSoftware games, Bloodborne offers players a complex combat system as well as an incredible backstory that immerses players in its impressive world. Many Sony-exclusive titles have been available on PC since their initial release, and some Bloodborne fans hope the same. Unfortunately for them, Bloodborne doesn’t look like it’s coming to PC anytime soon.

Bloodborne started trending on Twitter on May 1, with many fans of similar Souls games excited about the sudden spike in interest. Bloodborne seems to be trending right now, as RinoTheBouncer, a game content creator on the platform, tweeted recently. The tweet that made Bloodborne a trending topic was accompanied by a picture of unannounced sequels like Uncharted 5, The Last of Us Part 3, Ghost of Tsushima 2 and Bloodborne 2. Declare that players can only choose one game, other players will never see the light of day. The announcement prompted gamers on Twitter to make Bloodborne 2 a trending topic.

Some optimistic Bloodborne and FromSoftware fans who thought the game was trending on Twitter because of the announcement of a sequel were disappointed when they discovered the real reason for the sudden attention on the platform. FromSoftware fans are hopeful for a Bloodborne sequel, and the feedback from gamers has been showing up on Twitter. Sadly, despite fan interest, Bloodborne 2 may never see the light of day.

FromSoftware doesn’t always make sequels to its games, so a potential Bloodborne 2 isn’t guaranteed. However, if there’s enough demand, maybe fans will finally get an enhanced PC or PS5 port of the FromSoftware classic. Time will tell, but for now, the only way to play Bloodborne is to play the PS4 version of the critically acclaimed game.

Bloodborne is now available on PS4.

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