Vampire Survivors: How to Find Rotting Ghouls and Unlock Rottin' Ghoul

Rottin’ Ghoul is a character in the Foscari DLC’s Vampire Survivors’ Tides that players can unlock by defeating a total of 6,000 Rotting Ghouls. These enemies can be found in the Abyss Voscari stage, and players should look for them in a very specific location. This guide is meant to point players to the location, and fans who visit it should be able to field as many rotting ghouls as they want in Vampire Survivor in a run or two.

Note that players must break the Lake Seal in Vampire Survivors to enter the Abyss Voscari stage. Additionally, fans are advised to break the Abyssal Seal of the Abyss Voskari before attempting to defeat the Rotten Ghouls in large numbers. While this action isn’t strictly required to unlock Rotten Ghouls, it will speed up the process considerably.

Vampire Survivor: Ghouls of Decay location

Vampire survivors looking for Rotting Ghouls should first head to the bridge used to access the Abyssal Mark in Abyss Voscari. For clarity, this seal is located southwest of the stage’s spawn point, and once the red crystal is destroyed, there will be an academy emblem in its place.

Once at the relevant bridge in the Abyss Voscari, the player should head to its western end, then head slightly north. After moving a short distance in this direction, fans will find a rotting ghoul spawn that they can farm until the end of the run. It’s worth noting that the Rotting Ghouls don’t start spawning until the five minute mark, and the recommended location has been highlighted in the map below to make getting to it as easy as possible.

vampire  survivors  rotting  ghouls  location For those players who want to learn more about the character they will unlock after defeating a total of 6,000 Rotten Ghouls, Rotten Ghouls start with a unique weapon called the Party Popper. While this Foscari weapon doesn’t evolve, it will be fun to play and other characters can buy from the merchant after the Rotten Ghoul is unlocked.

Regarding Rottin’ Ghoul’s abilities, it provides additional projectiles every 20 levels (up to +4). This ability in the Vampire Survivors’ Tides of the Foscari DLC is sure to interest players who often pick up replicators and academy badges, and it can indeed facilitate some pretty powerful builds.

Vampire Survivors is available now for Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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