Vampire Survivors: How to Find and Open the Coffin in Lake Foscari

The roguelike action game Vampire Survivors continues to grow with its latest downloadable content, Tides of the Foscari. New add-ons bring more characters, stages, weapons, secrets, and more to the addictive pixelated hit.

One of the first unlockable characters in the Vampire Survivor DLC is Eleanor Uzinor, who can be unlocked by finding and opening the coffin on the Foscari Lake stage. This is an objective used in the past for other rewards, but this quest requires a new stage exclusive to Tides of Foscari DLC. This guide will help players find and open coffins in Lake Foscari to quickly receive new characters.

where to find coffins in lake foscari

The coffin is located in the new Lake Foscari stage, available after installing the new DLC. Players can choose any character to complete the challenge, but must choose the Foscari Lake level near the bottom of the level selection list.

The first step is to make sure the Show guide option is enabled in the pause menu. It will show the location of the coffin, marked as a black and red square with an arrow pointing in its general direction.

Next, after spawning in the map, follow the dirt road northwest of your character’s location. The road will meander, cross a short bridge, and head north. The road ends in a huge muddy field, but players should continue north until they reach a village full of mushroom houses. Follow the black and red square indicators to the northwest until you see the gleaming coffin.

How to Open the Coffin at Lake Foscari

vampire  survivors  coffin The coffin can be opened by simply running in and touching it, which causes a horde of mushroom enemies to appear and surround the player’s character. The enemies themselves aren’t particularly difficult to deal with, but the sheer number of them can be daunting if not properly equipped with screen-clearing Vampire Survivor weapons.

Best to level up and at least have some weapons after triggering the coffin fight. Upgrading equipment is also necessary for easier battles, but players don’t have to wait long or create limit-breaking builds to complete battles.

Defeating the last mushroom enemy will pop up a message that the character Eleanor Uzinor is now playable. After the message disappears, the player can safely exit the game and unlock Eleanor Uzinor from the character selection screen by paying a specific amount of gold, depending on how many characters the player previously unlocked. She becomes important as part of a series of challenges that lead to breaking the seal on the Lake Foscari stage to unlock further rewards from the DLC.

Vampire Survivors is available now for Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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