Twitch Has Banned Meowri

Most recently, popular Twitch streamer Meowri, who has been streaming on Twitch for years, was banned from the platform for the first time shortly after teasing her followers with a “Playboy Bunny Cocktail Stream.” Her sudden ban sparked the ire of followers, many of whom took to social media to air their displeasure. The issue of appropriate attire on Twitch is not a new one. In 2019, Twitch updated its dress code policy to be more inclusive, stating that clothing choices should be based on context, location, and event. However, the policy has been criticized for being too vague and leaving too much room for interpretation.

Shortly after going offline, she tweeted, “Banned for wearing a bunny suit.” Twitch has been cracking down on violations of its terms of service lately, including inappropriate attire. The platform has issued temporary bans ranging from a day to a few weeks for smaller channels and high-profile content creators such as MurderCrumpet. According to Twitch, the bunny costume violated the platform’s terms of service because it was deemed unsuitable for live streaming. The decision sparked heated debate in Twitter comments, with some arguing that other streamers wearing bunny outfits would not be affected.

Meowri responded by speculating that certain viewers may have forced Twitch to impose an initial penalty on her account. She also mentioned that other Twitch streamers have been banned for wearing bunny costumes, including Holly Wolf, who was reportedly banned for wearing a bunny costume in a profile photo rather than on stream.

Twitch has been criticized for its inconsistent enforcement of its terms of service and recently unveiled a new sponsorship system. The incident highlights the ongoing debate over the appropriate use of clothing on Twitch and other live-streaming platforms. As these platforms grow in popularity, more rules and regulations may be introduced to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

Now, Meowri and her fans will have to wait and see if her appeal is successful and if she can return to the platform she has called home for so long. Regardless of the outcome, the incident serves as a reminder that even the most innocuous behavior can have ramifications on these highly regulated platforms. With some streamers leaving Twitch, these issues will need to be addressed if the platform is to maintain user trust and continue to be the premier destination for live content competing with rivals.

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