Twitch Has Banned BruceDropEmOff for 4th Time

Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff has once again been banned from streaming on the platform. While it’s unclear if this is a permanent ban or just a suspension, it marks the fourth time the controversial figure has been banned from Twitch.

BruceDropEmOff has become a hugely popular streamer over the past few years, with around 1.3 million Twitch followers and around 1 million YouTube subscribers. The Internet personality is known for streaming games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Grand Theft Auto, but he also creates a variety of other content. He joined the One True King content creation organization in March 2022 and left abruptly last January. In March, BruceDropEmOff reported that he was racially abused by OTK fans in retaliation for his sudden departure.

BruceDropEmOff’s departure from OTK doesn’t appear to have had a huge impact on his popularity, but the streamer seems to be having frequent issues with Twitch’s TOS enforcement. His latest ban came just after noon ET today (May 3), when the site StreamerBans reported BruceDropEmOff’s suspension at 12:23 pm. Visiting his channel now will receive a message saying that the channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of the community guidelines or terms of service. The Twitch streamer has yet to issue a statement regarding his ban, so it’s unclear why his channel was suspended or if it was permanently suspended.

Not only is this BruceDropEmOff’s fourth Twitch ban, but his third since early 2023. His last ban came on March 1, a few days after Twitch reinstated his account. The Twitch ban came after BruceDropEmOff held up a sign that read “f*** dem.” and a box of salty crackers, presumably in an attempt to technically bypass the platform’s community guidelines. Notably, “cracker” is the same word that led to BruceDropEmOff’s original ban in 2021.

Prior to this incident, BruceDropEmOff received an indefinite Twitch ban in late January. The reason for that timing had to do with his second channel, which was suspended after he made a tirade about OTK member Mizkif. A few hours later, BruceDropEmOff appeared on his main channel, at which point he was banned indefinitely on the grounds that doing so amounted to avoiding a ban. Twitch finally reinstated his account a month later.

Previously, fourth Twitch bans for content creators were always permanent. However, Twitch has relaxed that rule a bit, especially for channels with large audiences. So while the new policy might not sound particularly fair, it appears to work in BruceDropEmOff’s favor this time around. Still, fans of the streamer will have to wait and see if and when he returns to Twitch.

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