The Sims 4: Snowy Escape – How to Go Rock Climbing

ock Climbing is a new physical skill and gameplay feature in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape. Sims can test their inner adventurer by honing this skill and using it to explore various mountains and cliff faces in Winterworld. However, rock climbing must be slow and steady, as death can result if Sims are too hasty.

There are many ways to practice rock climbing, and once they’re ready, Sims can take part in mountaineering excursions. However, before attempting it, or any other mountain, they must be well prepared. As such, this guide contains everything you need to know about rock climbing in The Sims 4: Snow Escape, including how to practice, where to buy gear, and all the climbing spots available.

increase climbing skills

The  Sims  4 Like all other primary skills, the Climbing skill has ten possible levels. The easiest way to improve your climbing skills is by rock climbing on Mount Komorebi near the start of the ski and snowboard lessons on the gondola. Players can do this with or without gear, but they run the risk of their Sims falling and being injured. Sims must be at least level 1 in Rock Climbing to purchase gear. Gear can be purchased on the computer under the “Order.” menu for 450 Simoleons and equips once in Sims’ inventory. Gear does wear out, so it will eventually break and Sims will have to buy another set while practicing their climbing skills.

If players want to give their Sims a less hands-on introduction, bookshelves can be used to purchase rock climbing tips books. Alternatively, if the player owns The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff pack, they can purchase the Indoor Climbing Wall in Build/Buy and use it to improve their skills.

All Climbing Classes and Rewards

skill level



Can climb up and down a small climbing wall Equipped with climbing gear


Can bravely climb small climbing walls Improve your skills by climbing the “breakpoint” of small climbing walls to unlock a new pair of snow goggles


Can use “Pre-Climb Stretch” Can try medium climbing wall


Can climb better with chalk Can climb moderate climbing walls


Unlock new climbing suits to build skills by doing “Break Climbing on Medium Climbing Walls”


Can attempt the highest climbing wall Can use the “Chat about Beta” social interaction


Can craft energy bars Can climb discreetly on the tallest climbing wall


Can practice on the high climbing wall


can brave the tallest climbing walls can make protein bars


Can mentor other Sims in rock climbing Can offer rock climbing tips

Visit the climbing wall at Mt. Komorebi

The  Sims  4 Once Sims have a high enough Rock Climbing Skill, they can explore the various climbs on Mount Komorebi. The starting wall is near Bunny Slopes and rental properties. The middle wall is located on the ski and snowboard slope leading to the top of Komorebi. Players will know they are in the right place when they see a flat and slightly darkened cliff face, which lights up when hovering over it. Walls taller than that can only be found on mountaineering excursions.

Before attempting to climb, make sure Sims have a high need. Maintaining a focused mind is also an excellent way to ensure success. If Sims attempt to climb a wall without a high enough skill level or proper preparation, they may fall; if the wall is medium or taller, there is a small chance of a fall that could kill them. Another good idea is to check climbing conditions by clicking on climbing walls, especially during snowstorms. If it is not safe, Sims should hold off on trying until the weather clears.

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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