The Sims 4: Infants Update – Build/Buy Items

The Sims 4 introduces a new life stage called Baby in the free base game update for everyone to enjoy. Infancy represents the time when babies can take in the world, experience and respond to those around them. Infancy is all about discovery, and Sims can interact with babies like never before.

For Infants, they’ve added quite a few new items to build and buy, for decoration and game purposes. Just to be sure, this guide outlines everything included in the Build/Buy mode in The Sims 4 Base Game Update.

All Sims 4 Babies Build and Buy Items

The  Sims  4 Infants Once a baby joins a Sim’s family, players can decorate their dream nursery and have fun getting ready for the lively baby. Most of the build/buy content from the baby update is focused on decorations, with players getting more stuff for newborns and toddlers. Many of the items are cohesive and match old designs and color swatches; however, they do include baby-specific play items.


The  Sims  4 Infants The crib is the most important addition to the baby game, unless the player has the Growing Together Expansion, which is more helpful for raising and playing. Babies are only allowed in cots, but some can be upgraded to toddler cots and vice versa. There are also upgrades to make it easier for a soothing baby to fall asleep, such as a phone that plays lullabies.

Some babies are content with the vibe in the crib, but others hate being placed there for whatever reason. There are many new designs as well as some familiar shapes and colors for any build or style. The following cribs and beds were added to the base game :

Gordian Blandco Modern Crib Travel Crib Blandco Modern Toddler Crib Kindermade Kindercrib Mini Mission Crib Wicker-Work Bassinet Sundries and Toys

:The  Sims  4

The Sims team has also added a ton of new miscellaneous items most packs and new content require these items. Clutter is a great way to fill a nursery with all the typical items, even if they don’t have any gameplay. They’ve also added more toys for young Sims of all ages to play with adults with childish traits. The following sundries and toys are added to the base game :

Baby Care Clutter Blandco Baby Wipes Stack Blandco Diapers Baby’s Important Items “Do Later” Box Stack O’ Basket Wicker-Work Hydration Station Wicker-Work Newborn Gift Basket Wicker-Work Diaper Organizer Cuddly Animal Basket Kindermade Kinderrattle Little Squeakheart Koalfied Best Buddy LaLa The Llama furniture and rugs

:The  Sims  4

Players can place furniture in their home for adult or baby Sims to enjoy. Most designs are kid-friendly, including animals, space, flowers, and more. Simmers can also play with more rug designs to add some fun to their kids’ rooms and nurseries.

The game comes with decorative items including a functional bookshelf that can be hung on the wall and a new fox lamp. Added furniture includes the following :

Blandco Contemporary Coffee Table My First Library Cute Critter Light Kindermade Cute Area Rug Baby’s First Rug fences and gates

The  Sims  4 Infants Building model includes only two baby items : A new fence and a gate. However, they have introduced a new concept called “Baby Proofing” to accompany these new products. Sims can babyproof all their doors and gates to keep babies and toddlers out.

Fences look more like interiors, and it fits indoors more naturally if the player wants to use a fence with a baby gate instead of a door in any room. Fences and gates include the following :

In the (Safe) Zone Baby Playpen In the (Safe) Zone Baby Gate The Sims 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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