The Sims 4: Growing Together – All Build/Buy Items

Fans are highly anticipating the release of The Sims 4: Growing Together, which has the potential to be one of the franchise’s best expansion packs. This expansion pack introduces a new world with many unique features and activities with a special focus on family and growing up. In addition to these new gameplay elements, the pack includes over 190 new construction items that allow Sims to build the home of their dreams.

Build items in Growing Together range from typical objects like windows, floors, and wallpaper to unique, family-oriented and kid-friendly items. Featuring a contemporary and modern design, the pack allows players to create spacious environments, including large windows, designer lighting, and more. Among the many practical new items are suitcases, backpacks, photo collages, tree houses, splash pods and more.

One of the controversial items in the package is the baby changing station. While this is a great and immersive addition to The Sims 4, some players feel that it should have been included in the base game update that introduced babies. Currently, the base game update that introduces babies does not include some key items, such as changing tables. Regardless, the new items growing together give players even more options for building unique and functional homes for their Sims.

All The Sims 4: Grow Together build and buy items

Sims  4 Growing  Together  Tree  House Growing Together offers many new items covering almost all purchase categories, except pets. This comprehensive addition highlights the developer’s attention to detail to ensure no aspect of the game is overlooked. While there are no new pet items, players will still be able to have their babies interact with household pets if they have the Dogs and Cats expansion pack.

However, it is important to note that some items in each category may be duplicates with different functions. The Off-Grid, Water Features, and Transportation categories, while offering an easier way to find new items, don’t offer anything completely unique. Build items, on the other hand, may not have new items in every category, but will still offer a ton of new styles for players to use in builds. It is important to note that none of the items listed are considered debug or environment objects.

All build mode projects

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Build  Mode  Items  Overview Building project category has three rooms in different styles, including a new bathroom, a cozy living room and a children’s bedroom with bunk beds. In addition to these rooms, there are also many items available, such as windows, which add a sense of spaciousness to Sims.

The expansion pack also introduces new wall, floor, foundation, gate, fence, chimney, wall sculpture, fountain decoration, and stair railing options. Among these new items, the fountain decoration that looks like a whale stands out, appearing in various parts of the buy mode items.

Purchase Mode: Comfort Items

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Comfort  Items The comfort section includes a range of new beds, focusing on bunk beds. Like other bunk bed items in the game, the upper and bottom items are grouped together, but players can separate, rotate, replace, or combine them with other items.

In this section, players will also find sleeping bags for kids and older Sims, perfect for slumber parties and potential sleepovers. Plus, there’s a new newborn bassinet, comfy chair and large sofa, among many other new items.

Buying Mode: Surface

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Surfaces This section focuses primarily on adding new dining and side tables, and other surface clutter. Most of the tables in this category have a sleek, modern design with contemporary cut wood and glass or gold accents.

How to buy: pipeline

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Plumbing Compared with other categories, there are not many new products in the plumbing section, only five new products and their respective samples. The set includes two new potty stools, a sink with cabinets, a bath and shower combination, and finally a public toilet that’s perfect for non-residential areas like parks.

Buying Patterns: Activities and Skills

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Activities  & Skills While the Growing Together pack does not introduce new skills, it offers many unique features and activities, including a keepsake box, kid’s bike, treehouse set, and other items. This category also includes exciting new event items, enabling players to create their own splash pads anywhere they want. It’s worth noting that despite being large items, the aforementioned splash pads and whales can be placed slightly outside the lot limit.

How to buy: Jewelry

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Decorations The Decor category has the widest selection, especially wall decorations such as posters, curtains, mirrors and photo collages, as well as decorations for children’s rooms. Additionally, this category offers a variety of potted plants, rugs, and other decorative items that can complement the ambiance of your entertainment center.

How to buy: children

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Kids The Kids category is almost as comprehensive as the Decor category and includes everything for newborns, infants and children. While many of these items are already available in other categories, such as Sleeping Bags, Decorations, and Toys, this category offers a dedicated section for players to peruse all child-related items without having to sift through other categories.

How to buy: lights

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Lighting The Lighting category showcases a wide range of modern light fixtures for walls, ceilings and floors. While ceiling lights may look similar at first glance, they are essentially the same lamp but come in different lengths, allowing them to fit any wall height and design preference.

Purchase method: electronic

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Electronics Surprisingly, there is only one new item in the electronics category – a colorful speaker called “Life’s a Ball Speaker”. This versatile speaker comes in 11 different samples to suit every home style.

How to buy: home appliances

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Appliances The Appliances category includes four new items : Trash Cans, Ovens, Refrigerators and Range Hoods. This refrigerator and stove oven set is relatively high quality at a premium price.

Purchase method: storage

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Storage The storage area offers a wide variety of items, from small items such as keepsake boxes, to medium-sized modern items, to large bookshelves with geometric designs that may be more suitable for a modern library than a home land.

Limited Time Purchase Bonus Items

The  Sims  4 Growing  Together  Outdoor  Playtime  Digital  Content If players purchase The Sims 4 Growing Together before April 27, 2023, they will receive the bonus content “Outdoor Playtime Digital Content.” This set includes items like a swing, toddler slide, and baby carrier to help parent or child Sims enjoy a fun and active outdoor life.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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