The Sims 4: Get Famous – Acting Skill Guide

The Sims 4: Get Famous Expansion Pack brings Hollywood vibes, fame levels, new careers, and acting skills. Sims can now live with superstar celebrities, or build their Sims careers and fame until they are known all over the world. A quick way is by improving your acting skills in individual acting or becoming a TV and movie star.

Perform skills are beneficial to careers and can be used in everyday social interactions that affect Sims’ mood. Sims can also participate in street performances for tricks and fame to increase their celebrity level. Showmanship will come in handy no matter what the player is using it for, so here’s how to build and use it in The Sims 4: Become Famous.

How to develop acting skills

The  Sims  4: Get  Famous  - Acting  Skill Acting is the main skill in The Sims 4, so there are ten levels. Each level introduces a new way to use Acting while talking or interacting with the world around you. Additionally, Sims can improve their acting skills as a teen or older by using a mirror or microphone. The Trouper’s Looking Glass is an unlockable mirror that improves acting skills when Sims practice with it. Maintaining a confident mood also increases the learning rate.

Teens can join a drama club to unlock interactions such as learning new lines and practicing plays to develop acting skills. Adult Sims in the Acting Career also have more opportunities to increase their Acting skills while participating in an active workday and filming different scenes. When the skill level is high enough, Sims can further improve it by performing various scenarios with another Sim at any time.

All acting levels and awards

skill level



Can practice performances with a mirror or microphone


Can practice acting with another Sim Can cry on demand for sad moodlet


Romance scenes can be performed with another Sim for hints or fun Can soften awkward interactions


Unlock the Troupe’s Looking Glass


Can perform musical scenes with another Sim


Can act out action scenes with another Sim Can act non-boring in a boring conversation


Can act out scary scenes with another Sim Can avoid unpleasant conversations and lighten the mood


Can perform a sci-fi scene with another Sim to unlock the microphone


Can act out comedic scenes with another Sim Can act unembarrassed to remove embarrassing emotions


Can perform dramatic scenes with another Sim Can perform dramatic monologues Unlocks the gold jacket Unlocks the gold pants

join show business

The  Sims  4 get  famous Entering show business is the best place to unleash your Sims’ acting skills. Sims will have to audition for the show, meet the cast, and participate in their active workday of filming entire scenes and films. However, acting is only one of many skills that a successful actor must learn. Most gigs also require great charisma, fitness, guitar and comedy skills to land the highest paying gigs.

However, having a high acting skill means Sims are more likely to successfully act out scenes and earn a lot of money and fame points. Some gigs can even get Sims nominated for an award, and they’ll be invited to the ceremony. Plus, high-profile Sims enjoy even more perks, like VIP access and discounts on certain lots.

Execution prompt

The  Sims  4: Get  Famous  - Acting  Skill  Sims who want some extra cash can perform street performances solo or with other Sims to earn tips. The more Sims like the show, the more money Sims are likely to make. Performing for a tip can be done anywhere, but be careful in public as they will grab all the attention if another famous Sim shows up.

Attending an event or festival is the best chance to meet a larger crowd, but Sims can also perform at home for tips. Throwing a party or hosting a social event is a great way to bring your Sims together in one place to put on a show for them.

The Sims 4: Get Famous Now Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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