The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle – Fabrication Skill Guide

Crafting is one of the new skills Sims can learn with the Eco-Lifestyle Expansion Pack in The Sims 4. An eco-lifestyle is caring for the environment and living a more natural and frugal life. Recycling and reusing is an important part of gameplay, and Sims can use trash to craft their own furniture and other items.

Crafting skills are essential for those who want to successfully craft something without messing or wasting materials. Freelancing for a company called SIMply Crafted, they can make money selling items they make. It is also beneficial to ensure that players adhere to certain community action plans (if any). So here’s a complete guide to crafting skills in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle.

How to Build Manufacturing Skills

The  Sims  4 Some key items players will need to improve their crafting skills : Maker, Candle Crafting Station, and Recycler. Artifacts are made from dyes and materials called Bits and Pieces. Sims can collect bits and pieces by recycling items inside the recycling machine. They can also collect them directly from trash cans and bins on lots that feature reuse and recycling lots.

Sims need the correct amount of Pieces and Ingredients to use a Candle Crafting Station or Maker. Candles require wax and dye if Sims want to craft them, but they are relatively easy to craft. Makers are trickier if Sims have a low crafting skill level, and they may end up covered in paint if they try to craft something too advanced. However, if Sims are in a focused mood, they will have a higher chance of success when crafting, and their skill level will increase faster.

All crafting skill levels and rewards

skill level



Unlocks the ability to make simple recipes using the Maker or Candle Crafting Station.


Living chairs can be made Outdoor chairs can be made


Dressing table can be crafted Cylindrical candle can be crafted


Dining table and chairs can be crafted Upgrade parts can be crafted including plumbing, kitchen and utilities


Can make a floor lamp Can make a rectangular candle


Single bed can be made


Can make a double bed Can make a carved candle


Children’s bed can be made


Can make an outdoor sofa Can make an outdoor trellis Can make a sentimental halo candle


can make wall decoration

Making furniture, candles and decorations: The  Sims  4

Sims who want to save money or stay environmentally conscious can craft all their furniture and lights. For those attempting to complete the Master Maker Aspiration, crafting is an important aspect of the goal, so it is worth becoming familiar with the act. Players who attempt the Rags-to-Riches challenge can benefit greatly from the Fabricator and the ability to go to Dumpster Diving to find items.

Mood aura candles are great for triggering different emotions, it will give specific emotions depending on what the player is representing. Put one in a room to use them, and any Sims near it will be mood-affected. Of course, they can also be used as light sources.

join freelancing

The  Sims  4 Sims can also use their crafting skills to join the freelance careers that Eco Lifestyle brings. Freelancing is a great way for Sims to earn money by joining an agency without getting involved in a standard career. The manufacturing facility is called SIMply Crafted, and Sims will have gigs where they must design, manufacture, and sell different types of furniture.

Payouts are entirely dependent on how advanced the item being crafted; many gigs are skill level locked. Additionally, if Sims are too low-skilled to craft, they run the risk of not getting paid if they fail to turn in items on time. Still, it’s a unique and eco-friendly way to earn cash and design items in The Sims 4.

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