The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle – Eco Footprint Guide

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle is a unique packaging for the series that introduces the world to the idea of environmental pollution and conservation. Sims’ infrastructure and behavior will directly affect pollution levels in surrounding communities and alter the ecological footprint.

Eco Footprints are passive and active and can give Sims negative or positive emotions. While Eco Footprints won’t change the gameplay too much, players can still enjoy a visual tour of the planet and impact their community for better (or worse) as they build and live. So here’s a complete guide to Eco Footprinting in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle.

What is Ecological Footprint

The  Sims  4 The ecological footprint of a region refers to the degree of pollution in the air and its impact on the overall environment. The ecological footprint is calculated based on how much “green” energy and landscape is in the plot. Players can check their level based on the item description in Build/Buy, but things like trees, plants, wood, and natural materials have higher green energy. Alternatively, metals, generators, and concrete have more industrial energy.

Pollution is divided into three levels : Green, Neutral and Industrial. Green is the healthiest neighborhood, while industrial areas have the worst impacts, such as air pollution. Neutral doesn’t go in any direction, but slides easily into the other two levels.

How to Change Ecological Footprint

The  Sims  4 The ecological footprint can be tracked from the menu where the clock is located. It looks like a foot icon, and when players hover over it, lists the current ecological footprint information for their neighborhood. Many communities outside Evergreen Harbor start out with a neutral ecological footprint and no impact, but depending on players adding to them, it can turn green or industrial.

Green Ecological Footprint

The  Sims  4 To obtain a Green Eco Footprint, players must ensure their plots have lots of trees, shrubs and other vegetation. Other items that have a lot of green energy are solar panels, dew collectors, and wind turbines, although they often break down without an upgrade. Most electronics and appliances have industrial energy or no green energy, but they can be upgraded to be environmentally friendly. Many off-grid projects have a more positive impact on the ecological footprint.

Benefits of a green ecological footprint include a clean air ambiance, abundance of plants throughout the neighborhood, and lower bills.


The  Sims  4 Mass filling of electronics, concrete and metal triggers industrial ecological footprint. Many house materials are made from things with high industrial energy, but items such as generators, dumpsters, and fireplaces also have high levels of industrial energy. Removing all greenery from an area can also have adverse effects on the environment.

There is no benefit to the industrial ecological footprint, but players will notice some results including Gross Air moodlets, litter neighborhoods, smog in the air, dead plants, and more expensive bills. Sims can also sometimes become overwhelmed by coughing attacks.

Certain neighborhood action plans and site characteristics can also alter the ecological footprint. Sims can vote on Neighborhood Action Plans using the mailbox or the community board. On the other hand, the plot feature is accessible in the build/buy of all playable plots.

The Sims 4: Eco-Lifestyle Now Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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