The Oregon Trail Gets New DLC After 52 Years

The Oregon Trail is about to get a new DLC called Cowboys and Critters, an unprecedented event in the history of the game, which is 52 years old and has launched on multiple platforms. However, only players who own the latest version of The Oregon Trail, developed by Gameloft, will get the DLC.

Back in 1971, an eighth grade history teacher created The Oregon Trail, which has become one of the most famous classic games of all time. The Oregon Trail, developed by Don Rawitsch, is an educational text-based game about one of the most famous roads in American history, with many releases over the years. It was available for several makes of computers from the 1970s through the 2000s, and also saw mobile, Wii, and 3DS releases, often with improved graphics and a handful of new content. However, it never received the full DLC.

The new Cowboys and Critters DLC for The Oregon Trail is out now on Steam and Switch, and it adds some unique content to the game, including a new journey and two full quests. According to the official announcement, the game will add 10 locations to the new Chisholm Trail, and players will get new tasks to explore more of California and Horse Creek, and try to survive the harsh environment of the wild west.

oregon-trail-dlc-Cowboys-and-Critters This DLC also adds a new cooking system to the game, allowing players to prepare food to keep their characters in top shape. To this end, players can hunt and gather ingredients to prepare different dishes with unique effects that can give them an edge on the Oregon Trail. Additional content includes more critters, lore, stories, and new artwork, making it a great addition to the base game.

For a short time, the DLC will be completely free. Players who own The Oregon Trail will have until May 8 to claim it. After that, they will need to pay for additional content. As a result, gamers who have never tried The Oregon Trail before can now experience it and get the most complete experience to date with modern gameplay and improved graphics. In this way, they will be able to create memories of themselves dying in horrific ways on the Oregon Trail, as people have been doing for the past five years.

The Oregon Trail is currently available on Apple Arcade, PC, and Switch.

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