The Last Of Us Season 2 Will Make One Big Change That Fans Will Be Happy About

While the show has been well-received by fans and critics alike, there was one aspect of season 1 of The Last of Us that left fans a little disappointed. According to showrunner Neil Druckmann, season 2 will go beyond that to make up for it.

The Last of Us, based on the video game of the same name, premieres on HBO Max on January 15, 2023. The first few episodes did so well that HBO ordered a second season before the first season ended. Season 2 will begin adapting the events of The Last of Us Part 2 — previously, Druckmann and his co-creator Craig Mazin revealed they thought the second game was worth more than a season to fully explore Events in the game. With more seasons and bigger budgets, fans want to see more of the franchise’s Cordyceps-controlled infestation, which was kept to a minimum in our final Season 1, likely for budget and storytelling reasons. s reason.

In a Kinda Funny spoiler for The Last of Us, Druckmann confirms that season 2 will include more Infected. “So, we can think about the script, think about the people we’re going to bring on our team, think about pre-production. I’m really, really excited about what we’ve got planned for season two, especially for people who want more Infected. Say, get ready. Despite Druckmann’s ominous phrasing and hints that the change doesn’t bode well for the characters on the show, it’s an exciting one for fans hoping for more viral infections. news.

Adding more infected is not just a creative choice. Druckmann acknowledged that the scale of season 2 and subsequent seasons was only possible with the success of season 1. He also pointed out that adapting “The Last of Us Part II” will require more time, energy and money, because “The Last of Us Part 2” is bigger and more ambitious than the first part. “Look, the second game. [it] was more ambitious than the first game, in terms of set pieces, the number of characters, the complexity of the story,” he said. “The success of the first season definitely gave us a bigger budget and more time. Those are important things to do right, right?

While there are still many unknowns about The Last of Us season 2, fans can be sure it won’t be infected. Druckmann and Mazin are ready to wow the audience with bigger set pieces and crazier fights. Druckmann’s comments were also reminiscent of a scene at the beginning of The Last of Us Part 2, in which a horde of infected is larger than what was shown in the show’s first-season dead-end scene. While Druckmann has been careful not to reveal too much about his plans for season 2, he’s not hiding that he and Mazin have bigger and bigger goals than season 1.

Season 1 of The Last of Us is now on HBO Max.

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