The Last of Us 2 Melee Weapons Have One Flaw You Won’t Be Able to Unsee

A gamer noticed a fatal flaw in a melee weapon in The Last of Us Part 2 that couldn’t be ignored. Melee combat is a key element of The Last of Us Part 2, and it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s been interesting to see the revival of The Last of Us lately. Buoyed by the success of HBO’s television adaptation of The Last of Us, casual and hardcore gamers alike have flocked back to re-live Joel and Ellie’s story. With the release of the original game on PC, some people are even playing it for the first time. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing on this front, with Naughty Dog’s port continuing to suffer from a ton of performance issues on the platform. Updates are on the way, though, and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before The Last of Us on PC becomes the best way to play the classic.

Bell564’s post raises another question, this time for the sequel, noting that the baseball bat in the game has a pair of scissors going through it. Most importantly, confusing players are the logistics of making it happen. Most of the people in the post opted to be joking, with one player claiming this was achieved through “SHEAR willpower”. It’s a pun that’s as clever as it is terrifying. Another user gave a serious answer to this particular The Last of Us Part 2 conundrum, claiming that Joel has tools in his backpack, as seen in The Last of Us Part 1 remakes. This is of course a partial explanation, but it doesn’t prove how the scissors don’t snap.

That’s just one of the many interesting questions raised by The Last of Us Part 2. While some of these issues are in-depth story debates, others are just mundane, such as how some scissors got embedded in a baseball bat. Players may never be sure about this particular question.

Being a fan of The Last of Us has never been more exciting. Its success in the mainstream could mean more content, which can only be a good thing in the right hands. Filming on The Last of Us Season 2 is about to begin, and it will be interesting to see how it handles The Last of Us Part 2’s story, which is sure to be more divisive than the original. Unfortunately, news on The Last of Us Part 3 has been quiet, and it’s been a while, but gamers will be praying that the series’ recent success encourages some action there.

The Last of Us Part 2 is out now on PS4.

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